SteelForce .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun Super fun to shoot!

[[VIDEOID:b21bd08943b82749acc11856086d4cb4]] I bought this gun off of eBay so this technically qualifies as a buyer's product review.

Wow this gun is amazing. It packs so much power for such a low price. This gun shoots 4.5mm steel BBs not airsoft BBs. It's also powered by CO2 and has an internal blowback system which is super-cool. Great for plinking and makes an awesome movie prop. Just shoot blanks and add the muzzle flash effects in post. Very solid feel, although it's plastic. Could be better quality plastic, for sure, but still solid nonetheless. Haven't had any problems.

- Cheap
- Solid
- Super fun to shoot. Semi-auto and 6-round burst! Sounds awesome too!
- Plenty of rail space to mount your favorite accesories
- AR-15 styled. Looks mucho-tactical
- 300 BB hopper and 30 round "mag"

- Plastic could be better. But still, solid build
- If you shoot too fast it chills the CO2 so performance slightly decreases
- Pop-up sights are a joke. Non-adjustable
- No sling mounts. There's one on the stock but you'll have to buy a sling adapter
- LOUD. If you have paranoid neighbors this could be a problem. Luckily, Madbull makes a mock surpressor that will fit called the Gemtech HALO.

Overall, for $100 bucks you can't go wrong with this gun! I'm knocking off one star because of the build quality but if it was a little better ABS or polymer I'd definitely give it a 5-star review!
SteelForce .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun Super fun to shoot!

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