Avengers: Infinity War (Plus Bonus Content) Awesome movie that makes you want more, now!

The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange team up to take on Thanos and his followers. A major threat to not only Earth but the entire universe especially if he gets his hands on every Infinity Stone. The stones can make Thanos 100% unstoppable when even the Hulk doesn't stand a chance against him when he doesn't have the stones.
Writing a review a day later is hard when there's so much to take in. I can say, I loved the Thor and Rocket scenes. Hemsworth is hilarious and I hope the next Avengers isn't his last. I got a chuckle every time he called Rocket...rabbit. For someone who has been on Earth enough times to maybe know what a raccoon is, it's still nice that Thor is still a little naive. Doctor Strange and Spider-Man also have some fun scenes together.
The Thanos and Gamora scenes are also very strong and you can see they have conflicted feelings for each other in a Father and Daughter sort of way. I just wish Widow and Banner wouldn't even look at each other like they have feelings. I rather see her with Captain and bring back Betty Ross for Banner. The ending is also frustrating in a Empire Strikes Back cliffhanger sort of way. At least we don't have to wait 3 years for answers though.
Spoiler Warning: What I find most disappointing is that the deaths don't feel final at all when a lot of the heroes who Thanos eliminates have sequels coming out. I am at least interested in how these people will obviously return. A whole year to find out how is still frustrating. My big thumbs up is to Josh Brolin as Thanos. He makes you almost care about him while being terrified for the fate of anyone who goes against him. Absolutely the best Marvel villain and not only that. The best comic villain portrayal since Ledger's Joker.
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Avengers: Infinity War (Plus Bonus Content) Awesome movie that makes you want more, now!

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