Melissa & Doug Annie Drink & Wet Doll Scary eyes...

My oldest daughter got this dolly last Christmas to have for a bathtub doll. We have religiously kept her draining after each bath (max 10 minute baths) by standing her on the bath ledge. By spring she had started to get weird stains around her eyes and we took her out to clean her and let her totally dry out. I cleaned her with a mild enzymatic cleaner (afraid to ruin her with anything strong or abrasive) and a soft bristled roothbrush to get into her eyes.

I mentioned to my mom (who purchased the doll for my oldest and had also recently given one to my youngest which we had NOT put into the bath) and showed her a picture I took of the doll. Needless to say she freaked out and was super upset. This was not an inexpensive doll, she had purchased 2 (one for each of my girls) and was super unhappy that this one had gotten super gross (and disturbing) after normal use.

I just cleaned her eyes again this afternoon and they're not any better (by the way, few things are as disturbing as forcefully brushing a doll baby's eyes.... just saying) and I am going to have to take this doll away from my girls. I'll also be contacting Melissa and Doug about this because let's be honest; they typically make amazing kids stuff so this is not their norm.
Melissa & Doug Annie Drink & Wet Doll Scary eyes... Melissa & Doug Annie Drink & Wet Doll Scary eyes...

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