Sabrina (1995) A fun movie

Basic story is a chauffeur's daughter who grows up in a rich household falls in love with the younger brother of the household. She is sent to Paris for her own good and returns to become a problem turning in to a subliminal attraction for the older brother.

First off this is a remake of the 1954 Sabrina. As with all remakes when you compare them nothing is as good. I usually have the same attitude with a few exceptions. In this case I would not attempt to compare as it is not a period piece and there is no correlation other than names and general circumstances.

That being said this is a fun movie. Even though it is anticipatable and predictable the execution is superb. The dialog matches the characters and makes you feel that you are part of the movie. They did go a little overboard trying to frump up Julia Ormond for the early scenes, however she did clean up nicely.
Sabrina (1995) A fun movie

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