S&W M&P 45 .177 Caliber BB/Pellet Airgun Pistol Fell Apart.

Three simple reasons I dislike this gun.

#1. The trigger pull is very tricky and until you get used to it you'll encounter a lot of miss fires. I do well with my. 22's at the firing ranges so it's not like I'm a novice shooter. The trigger has a lot of play so it has to be about half pulled back before you can set your aim. Then once set, the aim can be pulled off due to the hard pull of the trigger. This kind of difficulty Smith & Wesson admits to. Men may not find this difficult yet I am a fairly strong female and well exercised in shooting.

#2. I may have gotten a lemon because I have NEVER had the back of the stock, handle, grip, whatever you want to call it, come off. The back lifts up as you change the gas cylinder and it lifted up and this time "off", exposing a spring that I cannot align in order to replace it correctly. That did it. So with it now lying on the table in more pieces than I want to admit, I decided to come here and write this review. Which leaves me to. >>>

#3. Unless you like loading pellets one by one into a carousel type cartridge don't bother with this gun. One by painstakingly one you have to drop the pellets into the little holes in the cartridge making sure they're all pointing in the same direction. Is this the norm for pellet guns? UGH....

I have owned this gun for close to seven very well taken care of months and only wish it had fallen apart sooner so I could return it.
I spent so much money on the pellets, extra cartridges, oil and gas cylinders to come to this end.
Where's my hanky when I need one!
S&W M&P 45 .177 Caliber BB/Pellet Airgun Pistol Fell Apart.

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