1. INCLUDE FREE 50ct T4E .43 cal Rubberballs
  2. Fully licensed by Walther Arms
  3. Fires .43 cal Paintballs, Dust Balls, Rubber Balls!
  4. Magazine Fed
  5. Realistic Blowback
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  1. Tippmann's Proven inline bolt System
  2. Internal gas line
  3. High-impact composite body
  4. Vertical grip
  5. Includes mock Silencer with front sight, 6 position collapsible Stock, vertical grip & carry handle with integrated sight
  6. As a marksmanship instructor I picked up this Tippman to accompany another paintball gun (Tippmann 98) that I've owned for years, to be used during a Youth Run & Gun Kamp I run for teaching marksmanship fundamentals and safety.

    Right out the box this device worked flawlessly and is quite impressive. By no means will this be a review in the technical aspect, but rather a review on how it fits my specific needs in a "non-paintball competition" environment.

    Price: Compared to local big box stores in my area the price was reasonable and on point, I believe I actually saved a few dollars even with shipping vs. picking it up locally.

    Durability: Although it's still new and hasn't been put thru it's paces, being the owner of a 17 year old Tippmann 98 my gut feelings told me this updated version would last just as long. So far it has not let me down:-) It's a pretty big hit with participants in our Youth Run & Gun camp because of its military aesthetical value. It's pretty user friendly and quite adaptable to the various users who grab it off the table to "test-out" on their marksmanship skills test.

    Looks: As briefly mentioned earlier, it's a good looking paintball gun:-) The O.D. green version I purchased really stands out and even the young girls who enroll in our Kamp are quick to snatch it up:-) It's resemblance of an M4 carbine is quite impressive as are the accessories that come with it for tailoring it to fit numerous body types and shapes.

    Operational: Although I did not run this thru my chrono (mainly because these guns are only being used to engage paper targets vs. shooting at other students) muzzle velocity appears to be on par with my older Tippman. The adjustable buttstock and forward rail grip are repositionable to give my students the most stable custom fit platform to assist them in mastering their marksmanship fundamentals. Cleaning it after use is an extremely easy process and the included sights are quite reliable for being a mid-range paintball gun.

    Components: Unlike my older Tippman, there are a LOT more plastic parts on this newer Cronus version. With that said, thus far nothing has broken - mind you this gun is being handled by many students, accessories coming on and off, switched and changed with each user and bounced around thru the skills test portion of the course. Although plastic, these "aesthetical" accessories are holding up pretty good. No stress cracks or broken mounts as of yet. Although the hopper is all plastic and basically a large bubble that sits on top of the gun - surprisingly its holding up to the stress of so many different users:-)

    My only ding (half a star) I wish it was a bit larger and heavier. BUT, for the application in which I'm using it - it really is perfect for little hands and it's weight is light enough that students are not fatigued by carrying it thru the marksmanship course/test.

    I'm extremely impressed with this Tippmann - as I expected to be - and suspect it will give many years of faithful service as my original Tippmann 98. I'm already planning to purchase a few more to accommodate Kamp/participant growth.

    Trusted name, trusted reliability - 4.5 stars Trusted name, trusted reliability - 4.5 stars

    Great gun. Added parts on it to make it look sick. Added a storage mag to hold allen keys and screw drivers. BiPod. APEX2 barrel to shoot around corners with quad rail shroud. Red dot sight. Never had a problem. I got tired of using the rental. Check the pic!

    Great gun. Added parts on it to make it ...

    I love my Cronus! Built like a Tippmann A5 with just a little less power. Great deal, not to mention I ordered it with two-day shipping and it arrived like it was 1 day shipping. I also ordered a 20" barrel and threw on my extra M4 accessories and made a bad gun! Worth the buy!

    I love my Cronus

    Have been using this marker for 1 year now and have not had any problems really accurate and can upgrade in to pretty much anything your mind can think of I run this with my tipx which is also amazing, nothing better than tippmann

    Awesome paintball gun
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  1. Conqu3st 68cal paintball marker
  2. 10.5 inch barrel
  3. Barrel blocking device
  4. Spare parts kit with Allen keys and owner's manual included
  5. Air source: Co2/hpa only (not included)
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  1. The T4E Training for Engagement paintball pistols allow you to train for less than 9 cents a round; Highly realistic size, weight, and controls provides highly realistic, cost-effective training
  2. Powered by economical CO2 (CO2 NOT included); 8-round drop free magazine with realistic mag release
  3. Metal barrel and metal slide with a slide catch that holds back upon emptying; Picatinny accessory rail for easy mounting of lights, lasers, and other accessories
  4. Adjustable rear sight and fixed front sight with easily visible yellow dots; Fits duty holsters
  5. Shoots . 43 caliber paintballs, powder balls, or rubber balls at up to 355 FPS
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