baby toy
  1. Age grade 0m+
  2. BPA Free Silicone
  3. Stages of Teething
  4. Two Teeting sides
  5. Perfect for teething relief
  6. Easy to hold with little hands
  7. Four thumbs up!

    5 stars

    This is a HIT with our twins. They fight over it! I bought it for their Easter basket not really thinking much of it, but they love it. It's a great material and easy to grab. The thickness is nice for teething. It also is NOT hollow so it's easy to wash and no mold issues. Both babies give it two thumbs up!

    Four thumbs up! Four thumbs up!

    It's really easy to hold and easy to chew. It was too big for my 5mo's mouth, but once she hit 6.5mo, she really started to enjoy it. There's a variety of nubs - each part has a different texture.

    A really solid teether A really solid teether

    I bought this mostly because of the little handles my baby is 4 months an teething an this is helping her skills to hold things an sooth her teeth

    Well made perfect for babies Well made perfect for babies

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Nice and thick silicone, easy for baby to hold and so cute for her first Easter basket.

    Five Stars

    So CUTE!!!!!!

    5 stars

    It’s the perfect size for a baby to hold and grab I in love with it! For the price is a great deal!

    So CUTE!!!!!!

    Now my LO loves this teether and it’s easy for him to hold aswell. Very happy about this purchase indeed????????

    My LO Loves It???? My LO Loves It????

    Perfect size & easy to hold

    Would buy again!

    Bought this for my 3 mo old puppy. She absolutely loves it. It is her favorite for her teething pain. She chews it like mad and it is so durable. With the “handles” she can hold it with her paws. She is only 3.5lbs. I love this product!

    Awesome for puppies too!

    My girl is 5 months old and will munch on this thing all day! She loves it

    My girl approves

    My son loves this little carrot!

    Super cute! And helps my teething baby
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baby toy
  1. Large Tru-Reflection Mirror engages baby's developing vision
  2. Two-color spinning ball engages baby's curiosity
  3. Bold, red ladybug attracts baby's developing visual skills. Rotating/clicking bee engages growing baby.
  4. Easel back stands on floor
  5. Soft frame construction is perfect for baby's environment
  6. Great little mirror. Perfect for tummy time. The bumble has crinkly wings. The ladybug makes a rattling sound when you roll the black and white part. It stands well on its own. Please like if this review helped you!

    Makes tummy time fun!!!

    I love this. My daughter is not a fan of "Tummy Time," at all, but this mirror helped her a LOT! As for the parents saying it isn't a true reflection... of course it's not; it is not a REAL mirror, it's BABY SaFe and it is awesome! I submitted a photo of my baby and our reflection so you can see that it is a very good mirror. It does fall down easy when the babies hit it, but it weighs almost nothing and doesn't break. The toys are adorable and they move and are interactive! Love it!

    I love this. My daughter is not a fan of ...

    While trying to calm my fussy boy down one evening, we swayed past the mirror and suddenly the golden sound of silence enveloped the room. Too young to be left unsupervised in front of the full length, and unable to sit, I grabbed the extra car mirror out of his closet and set it on the floor the next day. He was amused, but grew bored quickly. This mirror came up first on the search, so I went for it. It's perfect. It does topple over, but that only encourages him to try and pick it back up. He does get aggravated when trying to remove the attached insects, but he has enough toys and hands to stick in his mouth. The material is perfect as it doesn't hurt him when he slams the mirror against his head in an attempt to suck on the ladybug. The 30 minute babble with his reflection is worth a million more purchases.

    My kid loves himself. My kid loves himself. My kid loves himself.

    My daughter is obsessed with this mirror. When she was 2 months old she would do her tummy time and look at her self in it. Now that she is 5 months and more mobile, she will knock it down (because it is very easy to do) and play with the ladybug rolling rattle of chew on the bees crunchy wings while it is laying in her pack and play. It is hardly ever up because it doesn't have much of a base but I would rather have a soft mirror than a sturdy hard one that would hurt her. Because it has fallen on her face while she has been playing with it. The mirror itself is that plastic bendy stuff that is distorted in some places, but it is a very good quality considering it is a child's toy. My daughter can see her reflection well as you can see by the pictures. The frame has foam around the edges and my daughter likes to fall asleep on it playing with the lady bug. I would recommend this product for curious children!

    My daughter is obsessed with this mirror. My daughter is obsessed with this mirror.

    This has been an amazing toy for motivating my daughter to move! My son (almost 2) was very active as a baby, so I never really considered products like this; however, my daughter (now 3 months) wasn’t super active and cried every time I had her do tummy time. Other toys weren’t really motivating her, but I realized after her bath every night she’d smile at herself in the mirror - and so the hunt for a mirror toy began. This has been fantastic - it stands in its own, decent size, and seems sturdy (my son played with it a bit roughly and yet no scratches/etc).

    If you need something to motivate a lazy baby, this toy is definitely a good buy to look in to.

    If you need a motivator for a lazy baby, look into this mirror!

    This mirror is adorable and for a baby under 3 months it is perfect but once your baby can move and starts to roll and push things it becomes useless as mirror. For us it became a large teething toy - I could start a new workout plan just putting this thing back up every 2 min when it falls over. I wish it had something to keep it standing up.

    Falls over easily

    I ordered this mirror twice and both times it came with a dent in the mirror. I can't be bothered to go through sending it back again so I'm just going to keep but be forewarned that there must be something wrong with the way these were either manufactured or stored as the dent was in the same exact place on both. My baby does seem to like the mirror and the spinning ball on the bottom corner is a nice touch to give her something to play with.

    Ordered twice and both had dents

    Baby loves it!

    4 stars

    My grandson loves this- the mirror is large and very clear. He also loves the bee and bug on the frame. My only complaint is that it tips over easily, but then when a baby starts grabbing things there is not much you can do about that. However, I think it would be great if it had a velcro loop on back where it could be attached to the vertical bars on the crib.

    Baby loves it!

    It's really true what they say about babies and mirrors! My newborn son will be one month in two days from today and he absolutely adores his mirror. I like to pair it with a tummy time pillow so he holds his head up until he is worn out then he'll just stare into the mirror quietly observing himself. I really recommend this product. He loves when I crinkle the bee's wings and the leaves at the bottom of the lady bug. He doesn't find the lady bug belly very amusing yet but soon I imagine. Will update review once he is a little older with more interactions. So far I LOVE this product!

    Perfect for a newborn! Perfect for a newborn! Perfect for a newborn! Perfect for a newborn!

    This mirror made a big difference in tummy time! That is actually a happy baby in the reflection:)
    I would def buy this again, actually bought it as a gift 7 years ago also. The only drawback is that it collapses back to flat pretty easily. Not a deal breaker unless you need it to be sturdy on an uneven surface.

    Happy tummy time babies
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baby toy
  1. Ages 0+
  2. Bold contrast for visual stimulation
  3. Easily twists around stroller bars and carriers
  4. Musical dog barks and plays two songs
  5. Tactile ribbons, crinkle ears and rattle rings are perfect for batting and grabbing
  6. Cheap knockoff!

    2 stars

    I ordered the raccoon and received a cheap knockoff by SKK. Even the cardboard tag attached says "SKK Parker Puppy". The materials are cheap and the construction is iffy. BUT my 3 month old saw it and loves it, so I don't have the heart to take it away now.

    Cheap knockoff! Cheap knockoff! Cheap knockoff!

    A great concept for a toy but doesn't meet expectations. The teething elements are not the safest especially the cheap materials they are made out of. The toy itself is huge for a little kid. This would be better in the size for a stroller toy. The clasp that is used for it to hang by doesn't work well as my baby can pull it down in a second.

    A great concept for a toy but doesn't meet expectations A great concept for a toy but doesn't meet expectations A great concept for a toy but doesn't meet expectations

    It's cute.

    5 stars

    Good quality and my 2.5mo daughter does show interest in it. Although, I feel it is a bit overpriced and I will admit it isn't as cute in person, lol... and like I read in a another review, the left side whiskers are sewn, so that they stick straight out forward, but maybe that's just my OCD complaining.
    (Pictured with a size 1 diaper for size comparison.)

    It's cute. It's cute.

    So cute!

    5 stars

    My baby loves this little guy. It's bigger than I expected. I was looking for something to hang from the car seat, but this is a bit too big for that. Instead I've attached it to our bouncer for him to play with it. He loves chewing on the rubber leaf and the plastic ring.

    So cute!

    Love it!

    5 stars

    My son is almost 4 months old and this is his favorite toy!!! He actually plays with it and since he's in the eating his fist stage it's perfect!!!

    Love it!

    I didn't realize the toy was going to be so big but that isn't exactly a bad thing. Its cute. We got the fox and he is adorable. Very colorful and I like the textured teethers on it and the rattle. Would recommend.


    Of course we made her smile but she’s in love! Glad I didn’t think twice about buying this, she automatically was trying to bite it (given she’s teething) which is perfect for her right now! Her new snuggle buddy!

    Goddaughter is INLOVEEEE!

    My baby loves this! She is a very "busy" baby and gets bored of things easily. It keeps her busy for awhile! It has tags on the ears and they crinkle. She immediately recognizes it and wants it! She even tries to crawl to it.
    The product is very well made and is safe for baby! I have bought two more for my pregnant friends!

    Good baby sensory toy! Good baby sensory toy!

    Came damaged

    3 stars

    We have the unicorn bandana buddy already which my daughter loves. We got the fox for her as well and it arrived with the rattle ring detached. We will have to sew it back on. Disappointed.

    Came damaged
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baby toy
  1. Follows your baby’s curious spirit wherever they go
  2. Smiling star plays 6 classical melodies
  3. Musical toy for on-the-go entertainment
  4. Gentle lights dance to soothe baby. Benefits - grasping and teething
  5. Powered by 2AA batteries
  6. Dangerous

    1 stars

    I wanted to give this toy five stars because it plays music, has lights, and hangs from my baby's car seat handle. Unfortunately, the paint started coming off when my son put his mouth on it! I'm shocked that it happened, and I'm disappointed in Baby Einstein for making a toy that could potentially be dangerous. Attached is a photo


    Garbage. The paint is coming off within a week of use. The kids have licked it off. See attached image.

    If you want your child swallowing paint, buy this toy.

    After I noticed the loss of paint, I rubbed my thumb on the toy -- Immediately black paint smears across the face of the toy and my thumb.

    Don't bring it into your home.

    Let your kid swallow paint

    *BE AWARE*: My son LOVES this little star! It's soft and lights up and we attached it to his jumper and stroller, etc. He would smile nonstop at it. I would have certainly gave it 5 stars...until this week when my son began drooling and the wetness from his mouth (or the coconut oil that was on his face) allowed the black on the stars eyes and mouth to come off and right onto my son's hands as he was playing with it (I WAS SHOCKED). He has played with this toy so many times and it never happened. When I realized what was happening, I had to rush to wash his hands before the black residue went into his mouth or on his face. Unfortunately, I had to take it away from him. SEE ATTACHED PICTURE.


    Great toy.

    5 stars

    I gave this to my one year old daughter as a Christmas present and it's probably one of the best toys I bought her. She loves it! I have it attached to her pack and play and she loves watching it while I change her diaper. The velcro loop makes it super easy to attach anywhere. There is no volume control but it's not too loud or quiet.
    I love that I can turn it on and it will play for a few minutes and shut off on it's own. The music is nice, not annoying like some other musical toys.
    Great value for the price. I'd definitely recommend.

    Great toy.

    When I had my first child I always felt like i wasn’t giving my baby enough stimulation. This toy originally came with the Einstein play mat when I first fell in love with it, I mean my baby fell in love with it. The music the lights my son absolutely loved watching it. When I had my second son I couldn’t find the star with the play mat, I must have accidentally donated it. I fell upon the star sold separately when looking for an entire new mat! So long story short I bought this separate and my mat was complete again and my second child loves this. We don’t even keep it on the mat any more. We use it in the car too! It’s a must have for babies!

    Best toy for a newborn and up

    Captures my newborns attention and distracts him when he’s fussy. The Velcro strap is great it makes it very easy to attach to almost anything - play gym, car seat, dock a tot arch, etc.

    The Velcro strap is great it makes it very easy to attach to almost ...

    Love love love!

    5 stars

    Super cute, bought for my nephew for Christmas. My daughters around the same age seen it and loved it. Slightly bigger than I expected which I love!

    Love love love!

    Beautiful colorful smiling star that is sure to bring a smile to your baby's face. Your baby can chew on the soft star points. The face lights up and it plays six classical melodies. Also has velcro attachment to fasten two strollers or crib. It has two modes one in parent mode which plays continuous melodies and face lights up. Second mode is baby mode which plays melodies face lights up with motion activation. This is one well built child safe and adorable star I highly recommend it.

    Musical Baby Einstein star


    5 stars

    Great for calming fussy baby! He loved it right away

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baby toy
  1. Baby remote control plays more than 45 sing-along songs, melodies, sound effects and phrases
  2. Toddlers can pretend channel surf through 9 channels including weather and news; interactive role play for an early education toy
  3. 10 colorful buttons introduce colors, numbers and shapes to keep your child's attention; toy remote looks like mom and Dad's
  4. Up and down volume button teaches the concept of opposites; volume control allows parents to control volume of the sounds
  5. Tv remote toy is for children 6 months to 3 years old; 2 AAA batteries are included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
  6. My 9 month old son loves it. He is always interested in TV remote control and cellphones, he grabs it from my hand. I pretend that I hold it like a real remote control and he grabs it. I accidentally dropped it on the floor and it is still working . The volume is loud enough for the infant to hear. There are two control for the volume.

    I pretend that I hold it like a real remote control and he grabs it I pretend that I hold it like a real remote control and he grabs it

    Funny songs

    5 stars

    My 14 month old twins LOVE this remote! The songs are funny enough to be entertaining for adults which makes it a noisy toy that doesn't drive me completely nuts. "So many channels to watch, so little time!" lyric is my favorite :)

    Lots of buttons that all say something different. Lights flash too. They've dropped it on tile a bunch, so far no cracks in the plastic.

    Arrived quickly and on time!

    Funny songs

    Good product

    4 stars

    My 8 month old son is always interested in ours TV remote control and cell and try to get in it his mouth.
    He's not fooled into thinking it's anything like a real remot, anyway he likes playing with it.
    The remote is constructed extremely well, he dropped it on the floor often and it is still working.
    It's a good you for the price

    Good product Good product Good product

    She loves it !!

    5 stars

    I would give this 10 stars if i could.. the way,her eyes lit up 8 month old loved it !!! She was always grabbing our tv remote so i said I just get her her own remote... searching carefully I finally found this one and it did it... She loves the talking and music and the way it lights up

    She loves it !! She loves it !!

    Arrived very fast overseas. My son was playing with it befor it was even out of the box. My remote has been safe ????

    Arrived very fast overseas. My son was playing with ...

    Works perfectly

    5 stars


    Works perfectly


    5 stars

    It's nice for my baby but it is big . He may love it after a few months

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baby toy
  1. Produced by WowWee for pinkfong, official creator of the global hit Song baby shark!
  2. Tap the top of baby shark’s head for him to dance and sing to the baby shark song (English version)!
  3. Call his name "baby shark" For fun reactions!
  4. Press baby shark’s fin to hear 2 bonus songs!
  5. Super soft plush!
  6. Long-life replaceable batteries included
  7. This is a fun Baby Shark Toy! Much better than the tiny toy sharks!

    This is an interactive you that has a greater variety of songs including the full Baby Shark song in English.
    I love that the toys moves and keeps both preschoolers and toddlers moving!
    Give it about 3-4 feet space to move around. Definitely captured the kiddos attention.

    Made with quality and attention to detail. It's not cheap feeling at all, nicely plush. Easy to change the battery and turn off and on. Few moving pieces so less risk of breaking.

    Quality and fun interactive toy! Quality and fun interactive toy!
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baby toy
  1. Interactive learning baby walker has a removable play panel; Frustration Free Packaging means it comes in a plain brown box
  2. Early learning center has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity; wheels work on carpeted and hard floors
  3. Features 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that develop motor skills. Material : Plastic
  4. Pretend telephone handset and mechanical elements enhance role-play fun; 2 AA batteries are included
  5. Over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases; meant for babies and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old
  6. We just got this for our eight month old and so far it is totally worth it! Here is my complete review including PROS and CONS:


    Very interactive and appealing to infants
    Easy to assemble (about five minutes)
    Good quality plastic
    Wheels have two settings so if your little one isn't ready to walk you can put it on a stiffer setting


    This is so light that your baby can fall over if she leans too much (I always supervise)
    Sometimes the sound/music keeps going beyond what you think it should

    Overall I think for the price this is totally worth it. My baby loves it and she's learning to stand and pull herself up to stand because of this. If you found this review helpful please press the "yes" helpful button. Thank you so much!

    Very interactive and appealing to infants Easy to assemble (about five minutes) Good quality plastic Wheels ... Very interactive and appealing to infants Easy to assemble (about five minutes) Good quality plastic Wheels ...

    Let me begin with stating the obvious - Yes, my LO really likes this walker. Let me also clear up any confusion on why my LO likes this walker - My LO likes this as a toy, loves the music and sounds. Also, loves opening and closing the small door as well as loves to press the various buttons on the toy.

    The walker (all pieces connect together well) complete with the batteries.
    - The handle bar on top
    - The legs with wheels attached
    - The front body with wheels attached
    - The musical unit which has the batteries already installed


    - The musical sounds are perfect - not too loud to frighten the baby at the same time not too low to not be audible. Also, there are two settings available on the musical unit to control the amount of sound.
    - The handle is the perfect height for a baby learning to walk.
    - There are various activities that a baby can do. My LO loved to open and shut the door. Loved to hit the cow and hear the 'moo moo' sounds.
    - The rolling rattle on the bottom is also great for keeping a small baby entertained.
    - This toy can be used starting when your baby is able to sit up all the way up to the baby learning to stand and walk.
    - There are two settings to control the speed of the walker (however, we have never used more than one which is the slowest - We have used this walker on hardwood floors - you might want to use the faster setting if using on carpet)
    - The musical unit will keep your LO entertained for hours!

    - I feel that this the grip on the tires could be improved upon. We have had a couple falls, not really bad ones, and while I understand that kids fall and hurt themselves, its not fun when your LO is attempting to stand with the walkers help and the walker slips and runs away. A little more traction could have helped even at the slowest settings - It would help is the manufacturer could add a silicon band or something on the tires to help with the use on hardwood flooring.
    - It interlocking gears are a little difficult for the babies to play with.
    - The small phone is just asking to be lost. :)

    The walker is really cool but it could do with a few improvements. Also, the first picture on the listing probably shows the older version of this toy which provided a few different things than is provided in this newer version. The older model had numbers from 1 to 5 on the keyboard, this is not the same with the newer model where these have been replaced by the musical sounds. Also, there were fruits on the triangle, circle and square buttons , these have been replaced by numbers 1, 2 and 3. The farm door was different. Another thing thats different is the the rattles on the bottom. The older version had 3 rattles, the newer one has two, the one in the middle has been replaced by a sticker. I was really hoping to get the older model when I brought this product but settled for the newer version. Had this product been for me I would have rated this at 2 stars but since my LO liked to play with it so much, I never ended up returning it. LO is now almost 17 months old and no longer plays with the walker, but it was definitely one of those things that held her interest for a good while.

    All in all, this was much better than the other walkers we tried. The other name brand walker we purchased was no where in comparison to this walker. Please note - pediatricians now recommend not using a walker, I feel if you are constantly watching over your LO this is probably the safest walker and the most fun walker out there - minus the differences in the older and the newer models. You can probably get a couple of thicker rubber bands and put them on the rear wheels to help with traction.

    A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this! A few things have changed in the newer model - most reviews talk about the older model. Please read this!

    We got this for our 8 month old who loves to stand. He's not yet crawling but is rolling all over the room so we like that we can disconnect the activity center to lay it on the floor for play time. He's always trying to stand up & play with the front at the same time. He doesn't yet get that it's a walker or how to use it. Most times it rolls pretty fast even on the slowest setting on our carpet. But our son does lean forward on it a lot & pushes his 22 pound weight all on it. He loves taking off the triangle, circle & square at the top & we love that it's connected to a string so it doesn't get lost. The phone does detach & it is currently lost somewhere in the room so it would've been nice if that had been attached too. So far no complaints he's played with this toy for hours every single day since we received it. Highly recommend for this age.

    My 8 month old loves it! My 8 month old loves it!

    This walker is way better than expected!! I needed a good walker from my 8month old because the one I had for my now 2 yr old was horrible. This walker was PERFECT! The toys on the from are great and fun, she has a great time with the mini piano. The whole front piece comes off so it can also floor play pad type toy. The BEST part, the adjustable wheels. The traction control is by far the best feature and my then 8 month old (now 9 month old) is close to walking on her own because of this feature!!! She can walk and keep steady without going flying head first into the floor like other brands.

    Best walker EVER

    I purchased two of these VTech Sit-to-Stand toys. One for my son and another for my friend's daughter.

    My son loved this walker. He at first just liked to stand and lean against it just trying to keep his balance. When he began learning to walk he would slowly take steps and finally just started zooming back and forth across the living room.

    The front, which is detachable, has a lot of musical keys and buttons that make different sounds. There is a detachable phone, which was always getting lost. That is the only thing I didn't really care for, but wasn't a big deal. Also, sometimes it was difficult snapping the front onto the walker.

    Overall this is a great product. It's a wonderful sensory toy and helps babies and toddlers gain the confidence to learn to walk.

    Great sensory toy and walking aid for toddlers Great sensory toy and walking aid for toddlers Great sensory toy and walking aid for toddlers

    [[VIDEOID:1a6493c111006821474aab03028e2d43]] Lifesaver when our LO was learning to walk. Functional, bought it for our LO last fall to learn how to walk and for one of all the sounds. Over a year later he still uses it just to push something around. This toy was used inside and then transitioned to outside in late spring all the way through this fall. He pushed it around on our long concrete driveway and it was very useful in helping him strengthen legs as he pushed at a slight hill back up. I am surprised to report that with all that dragging on the concrete, the wheels, while scratched up and with visible wear are still in tact and holding up. At this point he is running with it :) This walker is actually two toys and It does come apart so the front "noisemaker" piece, comes off and can be used and carried around separately. We loved this feature, because as we spent more time outdoors and took this walker with us to the yard and for all walks. It was used in the sprinkling weather and was left outside a lot. The front interactive piece stayed in the house or in the car as it went on trips with us and still looks great. While the walker part is all roughed up and faded (which is to be expected if you leave it outdoors through rain and shine)
    One downfall of this item is the phone receiver, it just hangs there, not attached by anything, so at this point it's lost. We don't know where it is, so it would be nice to have it attached perhaps.
    Also I'd like to add that bigger wheels would be nice as this walker will not go on the grass, even if you keep it cut low. Our LO got increasingly frustrated when he tried to get on the grass with it. But I am not taking any stars for it since I was aware that this toy was meant to be more of an indoor toy and we used it outdoors at our own discretion. The video is older from when he first started walking and the photos are taken now to show all the wear and tare and abuse this toy took and is still used by our 19 mo old every day.

    Excellent walker! Lifesaver when our LO was learning to walk. Excellent walker! Lifesaver when our LO was learning to walk.

    For the babies who like to chew everything, he will get the phone and put it in mouth at the first second he sees the walker, then he will try his best to get a taste of the triangle circle square parts, easiest part to get is the triangle, those parts are connected to the board with wires, if baby grabs the triangle to his mouth(the wire is not long enough if baby is sitting on the floor), pull and eventually lets it go, it might bounce and hit baby's face or hand. And if the door is open, baby pulls himself up and fall, the door might hurt baby’s face and eyeballs. The board’s top is very sharp, if baby falls or chews it, it will scratch baby’s face and the corner of his mouth. I tied it up with a cloth.

    It has two speeds, but lowest speed is still too fast for the babies who are not ready to walk but like to stand up.

    My baby is 25.5lb, he can pull himself up and walk a little, but when he is tired, he will sit down without release the handle, the front part will be lifted and the whole thing will fall right on his face.

    It is very good toy because my son is walking with it as young as 8 month, but be sure never leave your baby alone with it.

    Not safe enough. Not safe enough.
to sum: This product brand is VTech The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 854. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby toy
  1. Legit product ships from USA sellers only, knockoffs ship from abroad
  2. Order from amazon fulfillment or USA sellers only
  3. Safer than hard plastic toothbrushes
  4. Develops good oral hygiene early, preventing cavities later
  5. Dishwasher and freezer friendly
  6. Thick bristles intended to massage sore teething gums
  7. A-peel-ing handles are easy for little hands to hold
  8. Recommended for ages 3-12 months
  9. Now available in a variety of colors to suit any baby’s style
    My son is 7month now, and he loves this toy. However, this morning I found a mysterious little piece on his playing mat and wondered what it was. Guess what, It turned out to be a broken silicone part that came out of the teether!!
    Very dangerous for choking!!!!!! Is this the thing that supposed to be replaced like every 3 month or something? Wear and tear...... doesnt make sense to me at all

    Is this the thing that supposed to be replaced like every 3 month or something Is this the thing that supposed to be replaced like every 3 month or something

    [[VIDEOID:80ad4bba9353614989e1ff8f2a2e2496]] Got the baby banana and Cornelius. Both are good, but my baby is small and her mouth is small. For her size, the baby banana works better than Cornelius. All other teething toys were too big to fit in her mouth (necklace beads, giraffe, Kiki the elephant, etc) the only thing that worked previously was a small rubber tipped spoon we got from the hospital at discharge. But the banana is perfect! Cornelius is slightly larger and will probably be good for when she is 6 months old (works now also but she likes the banana better). She's currently 5 months old and about 17-18 pounds. Banana and corn photos both attached for size comparison.

    Perfect size for 5 month old prior premie Perfect size for 5 month old prior premie

    I followed the warning of other reviewers and ordered the single (not 2-pack) to get a genuine made in USA item. It was great and my baby loves it! So much that I ordered a second. This time I got the low quality made in Taiwan version despite ordering a single item. The item appears opened and taped shut! That's unacceptable this is for an infants mouth. On top of that it seems cheaper, the volor is different, and the bristles are thinner. I can see how parents could be worried they would break off. I'm not sure if one is new and one is old, but the USA version has a patent number on it where the other says patent pending.

    Amazon quickly replaced the item for me with the correct version. It still gets five stars because the genuine item is excellent and Amazon has great customer service. Photos included showing made in USA item on the right.

    Look for made in USA version. Look for made in USA version.

    Was hesitant to purchase yet another teether for my 5 month old son. He’s has rejected every teether so far. But upon reading all the amazing reviews on Amazon about this Baby Banana Teether I decided to give it a shot. Well let me just tell you it was a instant hit! This teether is lhe perfect size and weight for babies to grasp and a bring to their mouth. The yellow color attracts their attention and many times my sons likes to gaze at his banana. The entire teether is made out of one material so babies can chew anywhere and receive the same benefits. The banana peels placement allows for a paci clip to be attached to the teether. No more dropping teethers and constantly cleaning them. Speaking of which this teether is dishwasher safe!!! ???? The only negative that I can find is that lint, fuzz, and hair likes to cling to the banana. With that being said I would still repurchase and recommend this teether to all moms out there! If this review was helpful please click the helpful review box.

    All babies need a Baby Banana Teether!! All babies need a Baby Banana Teether!!

    Five stars, for sure! Great as a "toothbrush" as well as a teething toy, and the handles are super easy for my 7-month old to grab and grip.

    The corn is a little different than the banana, as you can see in my image. The corn's handles are larger and thinner than the banana, making it a bit easier to grab onto but flimsier. The sticking out part is longer and straight rather than curved, which makes it slightly more flexible. The corn kernels are bumpy and the bristles are shorter. Baby absolutely loves both!

    Five stars for both the corn and the banana!

    This is a fake. Not a product of BABY BANANA.In the third photo, the banana without plastic packaging was bought by me at Target. It is genuine. .There's a BabyBanana printed on the banana. The fake one doesn't have a printed babybanana. The fake one is smaller and darker, and looks bad quality .

    It’s a fake. Don’t Buy. It’s a fake. Don’t Buy. It’s a fake. Don’t Buy.

    My baby loves this teether we got it when he was 5 months old when he started teething really bad and it helped so much. Wish we had bought it earlier than that. It’s one of his favorite toys and goes with us everywhere. My son doesn’t like any of the other teethers out there so this was, and still is, literally a lifesaver. It’s easy to clean and very durable. Originally the bristles and nodules on it massaged his gums to help with teething pain. Now that he has his two bottom teeth we just squeeze a little baby toothpaste on it and brush them and he loves it. Makes him smile and giggle every time. I love it so much it’s something I plan on buying for future baby shower gifts and I recommend it to all new moms or moms to be that I meet. We still let him chew on it with stricter supervision, but once he gets more of his baby teeth we will have to take it away because I’m afraid he will chew the bristles off.

    Lifesaver - one of my best purchases Lifesaver - one of my best purchases

    Dangerous Toy!

    1 stars

    We had 2 of these banana teethers because they helped my daughter overcome most of her teething pain from about the age of 5 months to 17 months. I bought our second one because we lost the first. We had it for just a few months and I noticed one of the bristles was missing. I really hope my daughter didn't swallow it!!! It's such a shame because we loved this toy and recommended it to so many friends and family members. I especially loved the fact that it was made in the US. DON'T buy this toy. Go for something safer instead.

    Dangerous Toy! Dangerous Toy!

    Item came with a hair follicle packaged in the toothbrush bristles. Where is the quality control??

    Hair in my baby's toothbrush!!

    My son started using this teether toy when he was ~5 months old. He just turned 9 months old and got his first 2 teeth a couple of weeks ago. Today, one of the bristle on the banana had fallen off and our baby most likely swallowed it. We are monitoring him now and hoping everything is okay. I don't see how this is an appropriate teething toy for babies 0+ when small pieces like the bristles on the banana can easily break into their mouths. The idea of the teether is great, but I would never use this product again due to safety.

to sum: This product brand is BABY BANANA The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 854. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby toy
  1. Includes two fun characters and two whirly toys that spin and rattle
  2. Each bubble helps stimulate baby's sense of sight, hearing and touch
  3. Textured rings move freely around the bubbles
  4. Bubbles float in water
  5. 4 plus months
  6. We just started using these a few days ago and one of them is already full of moisture. Extremely disappointing since I got these to replace squirt toys that retain moisture. It’s a shame because my son seems to really enjoy them.

    Already wet inside

    These are so fun! My 3 year old and 10 month old both love them (to be honest, I kind of love them too). Quality is better than I expected- very clear plastic, cute characters and pieces inside, and a silicone ring around the outside making them easy for my youngest to grasp. Would definitely buy again!

    Better than expected!


    5 stars

    These have become my sons favorite toy, both in and out of the bath! They have taken many hits from the couch to the floor and there hasn't been any breakage. I'm very glad we purchased these!


    Not waterproof

    1 stars

    My son loves these, but after only one use, I realized one of them is not waterproof. There are no cracks I can see.

    Not waterproof

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Love it!!!!!!
    Very nice design! Colorful! Study but light weight products.

    Five Stars

    These toys are great! They are bigger than I expected, durable, and interesting. Great for bathtime or regular playtime.

    Great toys in or out of the water!

    My 7 month old LOVES these!! By far his favorite toy.

    Great infant toy!

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    very good !!

    Five Stars

    Not water proof!

    Sad because they were cute bath toys!
to sum: This product brand is Munchkin At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby toy
  1. ♫ NO NEED TO SEARCH FOR VARIETY OF BOOKS - Baby first book teaches your little one how different things feel by touch with these soft books, watch them get excited over touching different book, and teaches them basic reading and comprehension, sea world, animal world,number, vegetable,fruit,vehice. These cloth activity book also stimulate baby first year memory
  2. ♫ ELIMINATES THE NEED TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR CHILD WHILE "READING" THEM - Because babies put everything into their mouth, the quality of this book is extremely important. Our cloth book is totally safe for your baby:non-toxic, strong stitching, washable.
  3. ♫ CAPTURING YOUR CHILD'S ATTENTION JUST GOT A LOT EASIER - These baby book toys has tons of super-fun characters, vibrant images with vivid patterns and colors, packed full of educational activities for children to enjoy. Perfect for infants to toddlers. It gives your child endless hours of fun!
  4. ♫ GIVE YOUR CHILD A FLYING START -Reading this soft book gives you a chance to bond with your baby, a warm moment together. At the same time, It is an early development toy: a wonderful way to stimulate important key skills, like language & reading skills, communication skills, imagination, sensory skills, all.
  5. ♫ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS TOP PRIORITY -Any problem you encounter or any suggestion you get, please contact with our customer service; and our service team is always ready to offer help!100% Quality Warranty:You can get a full refund if you are not satisfied.
  6. Do not buy

    1 stars

    The small button came off, I fished it out of my baby's mouth, he could have choked!!! Very unsafe.

    Do not buy

    The only reason I’m giving this item a 4 is that one of the handles snapped the first day. They are great little books, and they served the purpose I bought them for( to encourage my 2 year old to read independently) .

    Very bright colors. Crinkle pages are very enticing for young readers. Also each book has a noise making component inside which also makes it fun for babies and toddler aged children. A squeak or a rattle.

    Other than the little snap handle ripping off and posing a possible choking hazard ( which I don’t have to worry about). These books are great quality. An extra couple stitches might make those snap handles more secure.

    Great books ! Would buy again Great books ! Would buy again Great books ! Would buy again Great books ! Would buy again Great books ! Would buy again Great books ! Would buy again

    These books are super cute and full of color.
    I love the animated pictures and think this is a great set for a baby.
    They keep baby girls attention for a decent amount of time.

    They are easy to clean, small, soft, and have a leash to attach to hooks/plastic links/strollers.
    They can be machine washed which is a huge plus.
    Also lightweight so great for a diaper bag.
    No regrets with choosing these although baby girl did manage to pop one of the snaps off.

    Good quality and super colorful. Good quality and super colorful.

    Four Stars

    4 stars

    The books are look interesting, but the colors of books are not bright as the pictures.

    Four Stars

    Purchase this as a christmas gift for my cousin's new baby this year. Soft books perfect for toddlers and babies. Colorful illustrstation of many different baby/toddler topics such as animals and numbers. I see these books as a perfect way for new parents to teach their children vocabulary without fear that they would injury themselves.

    Good addition soft books to any new parents

    Top 2 pictures show the tacky looking outside of the books, but I think the inside pictures are great. My daughter is entertained by the pictures and sounds the book makes. It has a great texture and safe to go in the mouth... where baby puts everything! The snap on the string is nice. I clipped one book to the stroller, etc.

    Outside is tacky, but baby doesn’t notice. She loves them.

    I for some reason didn't realize you got ALL of the books lol. I bought these for my 18 month old niece and she loves them they are soft books and they have like the crinkle stuff inside the pages, so she of course loves that part. The vibrant colors are great and they are the perfect size too. All in all a great purchase:-)

    These are wonderful These are wonderful These are wonderful These are wonderful

    Super cute!

    5 stars

    These books are awesome. They are a lot of fun to play with and have beautiful brightly colored illustrations. Each of the themes of the books is great and they are educational. The themes include sea world, animal world, number, vegetable, fruit, and vehicle. These books are great for getting young kids working with books.

    Super cute!

    I received well created six sets of washable baby’s first books. You always question the durability but there should be a balance of decency with it. Squeeze toy in the books is nice for the baby to get jump start on reading. Fabric appeared to be ok after washing but I shall update it after I wash it. I like it.

    Nice cloth books for toddlers

    I’m upset that I got 2 of the same books.. I’m missing the seaworld one..

    Two of the same books...
to sum: This product brand is teytoy The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
baby toy
  1. 2 mini flexible, teethable Oballs are easy to hold
  2. Colorful rattle beads create fun sounds to entertain and delight baby
  3. Textured rattle is clear so baby can see the colorful beads. BPA-Free
  4. Wipe clean with damp cloth and mild soap. Do not immerse in water
  5. 2 mini flexible, teethable Oballs are easy to hold
  6. Colorful rattle beads create fun sounds to entertain and delight baby
  7. Textured rattle is clear so baby can see the colorful beads
  8. Made in China
  9. Purchased the Oball Shaker a few weeks ago and our 3 month old daughter plays with it almost daily. Today she vomited and had a green chunk. Upon closer inspection it was determined it came from the Oball Shaker. This product states it's a teether but it could not withstand a 3 month old baby with no teeth. Basically her gums are strong enough to damage and crack the rubber.

    Unable to withstand a 3 month old with no teeth Unable to withstand a 3 month old with no teeth

    I got the green/blue car for my 1 year old and just like other O ball products, it is very well made. My son loves chewing on the green, rubbery grate and spinning the wheels to watch the colorful beads spin around. I will definitely be getting the red/orange one next. Also, this car has been tossed in the kiddie pool a few times and has held up just fine. It has been almost 6 months since we got it and it still looks like new.

    Highly recommend

    [[VIDEOID:ed8a53868ad412ff0309e3fcf5e98974]] First thing I need to mention is that the product that you receive may not be same as the one pictured. The car I received had rattle-balls only on front wheels, while all the pictures on the product description show rattle-balls on both wheels. Several other people have complained about this as well. Also showing the product with 2 cars while shipping only one seems to be misleading as well.

    The car itself is pretty basic car with wheels. The colors are nice and attention grabbing. Most of the kids that come to the play-dates do pick this toy up and play with it for a while.

    Things I liked about the car:
    1. The car is light and can be picked up very easily by an infant or a toddler.
    2. The wheels move easily. In-fact my kid picks it up
    3. There is a mesh on the top of the car which bends if too much pressure is applied on it. But it still is hard enough to be easily picked up. The whole on the car assist in picking up the car. All the kids that have picked up the car did it by holding it from the mesh.
    4. The colors on the car are eye-catching.

    Things you should be aware of before buying this product:
    1. The item you may receive may not be same as pictured. The colors are random (as mentioned in the product description) but you may or may not receive the model which has rattle balls on all wheels.
    2. This car is pretty basic car. Other than the rattle-balls it does not have any bells or whistles.

    Nice basic car but product image is misleading Nice basic car but product image is misleading

    Just OK

    3 stars

    This car is just ok compared to some of the other OBall toys. Also, I was hoping for the colors shown but received a red car instead. Be prepared if you are partial to receiving what you see.

    Just OK

    Got one from my registry for my now 8 months old. She’s been actively playing with it since about 3 months. Still a favorite toy of hers! We bought this one for a friend for her newborn. Our friends 2 year old opened the gift for her sibling and loved playing with it too. Definetly a toy that lasts from infancy through toddler age!

    One of our favorite infant toys!

    Baby approved!

    5 stars

    My 8 month old LOVES this car! He has never shown so much interest in anything before. Definitely getting a few more for him. Well made and easy for him to grip, plus the wheels are rattles so when he turns them the little balls inside make noises. He held this car for an hour just turning it over to see how everything works.

    Baby approved!

    [[VIDEOID:ea8f6e909bddbd0185d3007e098f54b4]] My 3mo is just learning to grab things and it’s a good size for her small hands. I can also shake it to make noises in front of her. When I washed the rattle, a little bit of water got inside the middle compartment. It eventually got dry on its own.

    Pretty good for small babies Pretty good for small babies

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Baby approved!

    Five Stars

    Our daughter loves rattles, and this one is easy for her short, pudgy fingers to grasp. One of her favorites! Holds up well to chewing, also ????

    and this one is easy for her short
to sum: This product brand is Oball The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
baby toy
  1. 6 months plus
  2. BPA-Free
  3. Helps develop baby's tactile senses
  4. 6 easy-to-grab textured balls
  5. Helps develop baby's tactile senses!
  6. Our daughter loves to play with these until we noticed that her chewing had resulted in moisture inside the ball and it was growing black mold. I'm not sure why it is necessary for these to have a hole because they become a breeding ground for bacteria and as we all know it's impossible to keep babies from chewing on things. Waste of money because now they are going straight in the trash!

    Black mold breeding ground inside---Do Not Buy!!!

    +Non-compensated review.+

    This Mom’s reasons for loving this particular toy:

    The highest concentration of nerve endings that attach to pacinian corpuscles - feeling vibration - and Meissner corpuscles - feeling light touch - are located where? Lips and fingertips! No wonder they touch and chew on everything! :-)
    Since your baby has already begun to develop their sense of touch as early as 16 WEEKS gestation, and this region of the brain is the most significant in terms of all senses early in life (and in later life - think about it, you see blind and deaf elders, but very few who can no longer feel) it makes sense to offer toys with varying textures and complex structure. While these little toys may not be very durable, they sure serve their purpose with infants!

    * Arrived in a bag, thankfully with no awful plastic stench!
    * Very nice coloration. Not too blah, not too fluorescent.
    * Size is perfect for gripping, and structural integrity is such that a smaller hand can collapse the ball (like the bigger purple one) enough to grab hold of it.
    * Since they are lead-free and BPA-free, they are safe for little gummers.
    * Light weight and easy to toss around to discover cause and effect. Try putting a ball in baby’s hand while you hold them and let it drop into/on to something that makes noise...the game never ends!
    * Great for working on object permanence as well as color naming and recognition. We loved playing “Where’s the (color name) ball?” by hiding the balls under a box or blanket and squealing when little mister found the right one. ????

    Research proves that the more varied your child’s tactile experiences are, the more open they are to instruction (higher academic performance), their instances of anxiety dramatically reduce (fewer tantrums!), and their ability to maintain and build on the vast network of synapses they were given at birth is improved. So, in short, help your baby’s somatosensory system be all it can be by offering not just your affectionate touch, but a serious of fascinating new objects on a regular basis - like these fun, simple toys!

    I hope you found this helpful and not too boring, lol! Unfortunately, by the time I got around to a review several months had passed and our puppy had eaten most of them. The photo is right out of the box.

    Aids Vital Tactile Deveolpment and More ????

    Not sure where the BPA-FREE is shown on the tag.

    Here is the label. Am I missing something? Here is the label. Am I missing something? Here is the label. Am I missing something?


    1 stars

    I'm only giving these balls one star because I have to. We bought these roughly a month ago and initially they were my daughters favorite toy. Sadly, I've had to take them from her because they grew mold on the inside. We followed the washing directions and never submerged in water. I'm guessing they got wet from my daughter putting them in her mouth, but they shouldn't even have a hole in them to allow water to get in. Gross gross gross!


    These are exactly what we were looking for! During free play at our local library's story time, my son would always gravitate toward a certain ball. I initially purchased the Translucent Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls, but my son was not interested at all (they are quite hard, similar to a dog toy). These balls, however, were a win with my eight month old! He immediately showed interest in the blue, yellow, and orange balls, I think because they are smaller so he can easily pick them up with one hand. The purple, green, and red balls are a little bigger and easier to squeeze/ flatten. Each ball has something a little different to offer so we are truly getting six unique balls. These are not bouncy balls, but the yellow does flail about in various directions when dropped. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and do wish we just went with these to begin with.

    Six unique balls Six unique balls

    I was a little disappointed in these balls. They do not squeak or bounce. That being said they are one of my 10 month olds favorite toys. He loves to carry them around throw them and even chew on them from time to time. They are durable even withstanding the occasional chew from our family dog. And also easy to clean. So although I was disappointed I had to at least give them four stars because my baby and our dog love them.

    My baby loves them.

    This is such a good deal for a set of balls to entertain baby for a long time. The yellow one is like a teether and he loves the textures on all of them. Nice bright colors and they wash easily. Price is also awesome because a similar teether for just one can be half the price of this entire set.

    Great value and tons of fun for baby! Great value and tons of fun for baby!

    Nice colors

    5 stars

    [[VIDEOID:f8a6cfe76c792238e32bd99a68e75bd8]] My baby loves these balls . They are encouraging him to crawl . He hasn’t begin to crawl yet but they are very encouraging. He’s moving way more on his play mat with these balls . He loves the colors .

    Nice colors

    My 7 month old LOVES these!! I wish I would have purchased these sooner for tummy time! It helps him to crawl because he wants them so bad, but when he reaches out to touch it, it rolls away so he realizes to go forward to get it!! Not only are these fun to throw down and pick up, but he enjoys chewing on them as well!!
    A great gift for baby!!
    (Animals in my picture sold separately)

    A must have for every baby A must have for every baby

    I got these sensory balls, an activity cube that lights up and sings, and a pinwheel rattle toy, and she ignored all the rest and went straight for the balls. These balls are well made and the perfect size for my 6 month old’s little hands. The yellow one also makes for a great chew toy. Best toy purchase since the Manhattan Toy Winkel. If you’re contemplating on purchasing these, just go for it.

    Best Toy Purchase
to sum: This product brand is Infantino The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
baby toy
  1. Baby high chair toy is modeled after a Ferris wheel; spinning wheel develops motor skills
  2. Suction cup toy is held in place on smooth surfaces and makes it easier to spin; Infant learning toy is perfect for the hard floor, table, or high chair
  3. Baby toy features 5 sing-along songs and over 45+ sounds and phrases that encourage first words
  4. Cute animal buttons on the suction toy teach numbers, colors, and animals; light-up stars flash along with voice and music
  5. Infant toy is intended for babies 3 month to 2 years of age; spinning wheel has 2 AAA batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
  6. We are on #2 of this toy already - our first one made it through 9 months of my son’s life before it could not take the abuse any longer. My son went through a phase where he loved to pull the toy off of the high chair and throw it on the ground. The toy is pretty durable to survive being dropped several times every day for weeks on end, but not built to withstand the typical baby behavior in the long run.

    Two main things that I really enjoy about this highchair toy:
    -It actually holds my son’s attention. After my son broke our first one of these, I replaced it with another type of spinning highchair toy. My son had no interest in it at all!
    -It is not obnoxious or overly loud. There are several different melodies and phrases, so it’s not monotonous, and there are 2 sound levels which is great.

    Now for the bad part:
    -The suction cup sucks. It is far too easy for my son to lift this toy up and throw it off of the highchair.
    -It gets super sticky and dirty and gross really easily. There are so many crevices and small parts that are hard to wipe down after each meal!

    Suction cup stinks but my son loves this toy

    Love this toy

    5 stars

    My 5 month old LOVES this toy. It has bought me lots of free time. I poured some water on the surface I wanted to stick the suction cup to, pushed it down really hard, and then cleaned up the excess water. It hasn't budged since, and it's been a few weeks.

    Love this toy

    This has seriously been the best ten dollar toy I've purchased for my daughter so far. It suctions to her bumbo tray and she stays occupied with it for an hour. It sings and spins and lights up. It's perfect! The picture is just to show it placed on her bumbo. I havent taken a photo of the other side.

    This has seriously been the best ten dollar toy I've purchased for my daughter so ...

    My little guy won't play with any toys but this one! It keeps him entertained and he is learning to sit up and reach. Suction holds great!

    5 month old loves it!

    Good purchase.

    5 stars

    My daughter loves this wheel, we suction it to her high chair and walker and it keeps her busy for a while. There are several songs and noises and also a lower volume option so you don't have to tape the speaker!

    Good purchase.

    Want to keep your baby occupied ? Stick this toy onto his activity center or high chair and spin it. My son plays with this so often that o have to hide it from him and he was only 4 months old when I introduced it to him... I seriously hide this so he plays with other toys lol

    Very entertaining

    Love this toy

    5 stars

    Love this toy! It lights up and keeps my daughter (4months) entertained while feeding or playing. I can’t wait to try the other toys

    Love this toy Love this toy Love this toy Love this toy Love this toy Love this toy Love this toy

    My baby is loving this toy. Just add a little water to the suction cup and it sticks great for a long time ❤️

    Just add a little water to the suction cup and it sticks great for a long time ❤️

    This keeps my little one entertained for quite a while. It auctions great to the tray of the bumbo! We even use it while my done is laying down.

    Perfect toy for baby!
to sum: This product brand is VTech The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
baby toy
  1. Inspires a lifelong love of music
  2. Baby can switch between 7 total melodies
  3. Perfectly sized for ages 3 to 36 months
  4. Volume control is music to mom & dad’s ears. Benefits - grasping and teething
  5. Melodies and lights powered by 2 AA batteries
  6. Cheap Paint

    1 stars

    Received the item promptly. However, color paint smeared all over when wiping it with a wet towel. I sure hope it isn't toxic, and I'm glad I found out before letting our child play with it.

    Cheap Paint Cheap Paint

    This was one of the first toys our son showed interest in as an infant. He is now 18 mo old and still plays with it... now, he presses the button and dances along with the music. It's also very convenient because you can bring it into the car and it entertains kids on car rides, even at night because it lights up to the music.

    Update: We are on child #2 and this toy is still going strong after 2.5 years (although the sticker is finally wearing off). Our second child is 4 months old and we use it in the car to calm him when he is crying. He likes the music and the colorful lights.

    Great toy for car rides too!

    Just amazing. Daughter won't stop staring at it when lights and music are on. She enjoys it so much. It saved us from so many hours or crying and fuzziness, specially in the so-much-hated car seat. And we thought at first that it wouldn't be so good! It has nice songs too and even my wife and I like it. I think the key to entertain our baby was that the lights are synchronized with the music.

    Didn't seem much of a good toy... at first.

    Wow. Battery comes with the product, definitely easy to wipe it down, (I'm a germaphobe :)). My son enjoys pushing the button to hear different sounds, lights definitely entertain him as well. This is the toy that I keep in the car at all times :).

    definitely easy to wipe it down definitely easy to wipe it down

    Works great...

    4 stars

    My 5 month old loves playing with this toy. Just a touch of the button and the flashing lights and music is a sure distraction for him. The only flaw is the speaker is to the back of the toy, so that when laid flat you can barely hear the music. If you flip it over the music is loud, but you lose the attraction of the colorful button and flashing lights.

    Works great...

    My LO loved this toy. It is her fisrt musical toy. The songs are great and volume is not too loud, perfect for baby! She played with it every day and we have to bring it with her everytime when we go out with she being in her stroller-----cuz it can make her calm everytime when she started to cry! BUT the round part with the colorful wheel on it is paper made so it got more and more wet(she liked to crew it and her drool got there easily)…finally we had to scratch the whole thing out so baby wouldn't eat little piece of paper or may be some glue! BUT unfortunately, it stopped working after about 2 months usage, now the light still can sparkle but no music playing…my husband tried to repair but we couldn't make it work again…so disappointed cuz my daughter loved it so much!! Even now she still liked to play with it even it has no music lol…hope you can make the round part with whole plastic instead of paper and glue…and more durable----and so in this way u may have to increase a coulpe of dollars for the price but we would still love to buy it:)

    4 star----just need more durability 4 star----just need more durability

    I was a little skeptical about this toy but it's one of the best purchases I've made my little girl loves it. I love that it has an off button and volume settings which is a good thing, and not to mention the music is so soft and gentle something I've never heard before very soothing as well it's not just loud and obnoxious like other toys. It's a A+ in my book and I do recommend it!

    ... skeptical about this toy but it's one of the best purchases I've made my little girl loves it
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  1. { SUPREME QUALITY AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS OUR PROMISE }This water splash pad play mat is constructed from HEAVY DUTY PVC that has been thoroughly tested and will NOT LEAK air or water PERIOD!! That is our GUARANTEE or your MONEY BACK!!
  2. { STIMULATES BABY DEVELOPMENT } The splashin'kids water fill playmat is an essential tool for developing solid head, neck and shoulder muscles as well as honing hand-eye coordination, fine motor and social skills. It is a sensory delight that enhances brain development.
  3. { STUNNING, EYE CATCHING GRAPHICS } Watch as your infant enters our fish tank WONDERWORLD, wide eyed and FASCINATED by the bright colors, sharp contrasts and cute floating toys. Rain or shine is tummy time! Your baby will try to catch and bat the brightly colored toys as they float by. This baby splash pad will provide hours of quality stimulating and healthy fun.
  4. { A CINCH TO SET UP } Simply fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with your desired level of tap water, set it on the floor and let the fun begin! It folds easily when empty into your purse or toy bag to bring along anywhere you go.
  5. { PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS } For ages 3 months and up with a large roomy play size area designed to keep your baby boy or girl's interest riveted. Product size is 26" wide by 20" tall by 2.5" high. Six brightly colored toys are included inside each mat. This product is environmentally friendly and BPA Free.
  6. [[VIDEOID:5c266e237a446bcb01fcccef87c1b00f]] My 4 month old son loved it. If you look at the video I just uploaded he is having fun and he is trying to eat the fish????????

    It’s an excellent product for the young ones

    Our 3 month old is the calmest baby ever...until tummy time. She becomes a rabid werewolf. She screams, howls, and acts like you are forcing her to do something awful. This mat has changed that. At 3 months we are able to get her to have tummy time in 15-20 minute stints now. She stares at the mat, pushes on it, and when she spits up on it the thing is easy to wipe up :) Filling it with water for the first time is a bit messy, because when you push down the plug water comes out, but after it's closed it doesn't leak. We have been using it for a week without issues, and I'm so happy our daughter doesn't fight tummy time anymore.

    Finally, tummy time without screaming

    Baby wasn't too impressed, but my cat is obsessed with it. She sits next to it all day and watches the little floating things and when we're not looking she pounces. Thankfully she hasn't used her claws yet. It's a good mat, but just wasn't for us.

    Baby thinks it's meh, Cat is obsessed

    Good start for an activity my daughter extremely dislikes. Tummy time is tough for us as she simply hates being on her stomach. But this mat held her attention for several minutes. It was important to use the boppy to prop her up as she just face-planted without it (and that quickly ended tummy time for her). We will continue to use it several times a day for short intervals so she can build her upper body strength and all that good stuff. The mat does have a smell, but it's just the smell of plastic. Like a bouncy ball or any other plastic item that is blown up with air. It's not terrible.

    Good for tummy time. Good for tummy time.

    Its a great product. But I’m still waiting for the miracle that’s suddenly going to make my 7 month old like tummy time. He wasn’t that into this. I added glitter to it, which helped to hold his interest longer but 20-30 minutes seems like a dream that’s never gonna happen! He just hates tummy time so much! I dunno if its because he has a heavy torso and a big head (75%), but he seems tired out very easily and then he’ll just face plant. At least his older brother is making use out of it as a floor cushion T_T. Its a great item- just temper your expectations!

    Great item but no miracles for me Great item but no miracles for me


    5 stars

    The mat is bigger than I thought. Its actually good quality. My baby LOVES it!!!


    Very good product. My 5 month old (Lincoln) loves it. Great and VERY responsive seller. Would absolutely do business with again. Highly recommend!

    My son loves it !!

    My 4 month old son hates tummy time, but this mat keeps him preoccupied and happy to be hanging out on his tum.
    I filled the water chamber only a quarter of the way full and allowed excess air out to prevent too much pressure at the seams (so it won’t pop). I also added some glitter, which he loves ;) definitely recommend!

    Best tummy time product ever! Best tummy time product ever! Best tummy time product ever!

    Great immersive product for tummy time. My son has a great time splashing and watching the floating items move about in the water. Highly recommended for young children.

    Best thing to happen to tummy time since carpet!
to sum: This product brand is Splashin'kids The score is 4.3, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON

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