The 25 Best baby plush toy For 2020

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baby plush toy
  1. Measures 9" tall
  2. Super-soft plush and huggable body
  3. Endearing facial expression and body position
  4. loved it so much. I am a Ph.D. candidate and to be honest I got a researcher buddy. she (I think) is super cute and it feels like she is alive. every one in our research lab loved her and talk to her :)))

    my new researcher buddy my new researcher buddy my new researcher buddy

    much bigger than i thought it would be but its very adorable i used this to top a diaper cake i am making for my sisters safari themed baby shower and it just fits so perfect and snug the quality of this plush animal is GREAT! I just love it i would definitely recommend this product!

    Adorable and well worth it!!

    I already have 2 of the slightly larger elephants in this collection, and this little gray one is a perfect edition to the family! I included some pictures of what it looks like straight out of the box, with a water bottle next to it so you can get an idea of how tall it is. It is machine washable, but I would advise you to wash it on the most delicate cycle you possibly can in cold water. You wouldn't want its marble eyes to get scratched in the washing machine.

    Extreme Cuteness Extreme Cuteness Extreme Cuteness Extreme Cuteness


    4 stars

    I got this as an accent for a diaper wreath made for a baby shower. It arrived fast, and is super cute and soft, but (and this is my own fault for not reading the details better) was much bigger than I was expecting and it didn't fit. Still one of the cutest elephant stuffies on Amazon though.

    Cute!! Cute!!

    So I bought a second one cause the first was so cute and I gave it away as a gift. However when the 2nd elephant came it did not have the Aurora tag on it like the first one did. The whole elephant appears poorly made and there are strings hanging off one of the arms. The ears on this one are smaller, the tail is shorter, the fur doesnt hide the seams and his eyes appear to be glued on in a hurry.

    Not like the first one. Disappointed Not like the first one. Disappointed Not like the first one. Disappointed

    This is by far one of my best purchases on Amazon. Perfect color, size, and shaping. It came in the mail FAST! Reasonable price, and down right adorable!!! I definitely recommend this product. ABSOLUTELY CUTE!!! And it's soft. So soft. This product made my day (:


    Five Stars

    5 stars

    so cute ordered to top a diaper cake worked very well ( I added the pink bow :))

    Five Stars

    So cute! He's very soft. His arms are a little softer than his legs, so it positions well into the sitting position pictured in the product page.

    So cute! He's very soft. His arms are ...

    Cute & Soft

    5 stars

    It looks just like the picture very cute and soft! I included a picture of the eyes, which seem very secure.

    Cute & Soft Cute & Soft Cute & Soft Cute & Soft

    To be honest, I'm not really happy with the one I have. The reason I bought the product is because of the toy's eyes. The one I got looks like a cross-eyed elephant. I got a little disappointed that the eyes or the elephants fur in the eye part are not proportional.

    It's supposed to be a one star for me or 2 star at most.

    I gave three star because my daughter still likes it.

    Product is not what I expected it to be. But my daughter likes it.
to sum: This product brand is ebba The score is 4.9, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Warmly welcomes your baby to discover the world
  2. Take along toy is perfect for travel entertainment
  3. Engages baby at home or away as carrier toy
  4. Friendly baby octopus is lovably plush
  5. Multiple activities for multi-sensory discovery
  6. So sad to report that our favorite toy, Mr. Octopus is no longer our fav toy! Today I was playing with my 6-month-old son and he had the toy in his mouth. Then he started hacking and I realized his mouth and tongue were covered in the paper/sticker from the toy!!!! Soooo scary! We’ve only had it for three months! So disappointed! So not give to your little ones!

    Choking Hazard: not for babies Choking Hazard: not for babies

    This is my sons favorite toy. He has been playing with it since he was 3 months. We can't go anywhere without "Octi". He loves it so much that I bought a second one to keep at daycare so I don't forget it anymore.

    This is my babies favorite toy

    Our son absolutely loves playing with this toy. We attach it to so many toys and his car seat. He will tug, hold, swat and more. It's wonderful

    Great for developing babies

    Baby loves it so much that when it got destroyed we readily bought another . Great product and a favorite of our sons ! Will buy again and again as long as he continues to love it so much

    Greatest baby toy ever

    Loves it

    5 stars

    Very worth the price!

    Loves it Loves it Loves it
to sum: This product brand is Baby Einstein The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 503. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Measures approximately 9" long x 8.5" wide, when sitting down
  2. So adorable! I customize these with birth stats and vinyl. They come out adorable! Super disappointed that the price has recently shot up. I would have continued to order more, but it just costs too much now :(

    Adorable and perfect for customizing!


    5 stars

    This little elephant is too freaking adorable. I'm so glad I got it as a gift I might just buy one for myself to have in the corner of the room because it looks so cute and it's so soft and feels like it's going to last a lifetime


    This reminds me of a toy you win at a state fair, the kind that is given away as a prize at a booth after winning a ring toss. The fabric is soft but the stuffing is too firm/hard.

    PHOTOSHOP ALERT: Main image was altered with photoshop, the fabric and stitching do not look like the picture. (see my example photo)
    This is not a deal breaker if your only looking for cheap decor. It is still cute and if it was advertised as a decor item I would have given it a better rating.

    It is not cuddly soft which is what I expected. However, it makes an okay shelf decoration so I will keep if for that.

    If your looking for a soft stuffed animal I suggest you look at other options.

    This is NOT the Plush toy as described. It would be better described as a Hard Fair Prize.

    The elephant is super cute I bought it on March 17th,2017 for $7 and some change and honestly thought it was going to be larger than what I got, yes I read the dimensions so i new it actually size, but now it has DOUBLED in cost and no way I will ever purchase this again. Which is a shame because I was just about to order 5 more for friends

    How does the price double in less than 2 weeks :(

    Cute and soft.

    5 stars

    Super cute and soft. Very well made. I added birth stats to the ears using htv and a heat press. It held up very well!

    Cute and soft.

    I bought one for my maternity shoot and love it. I want to buy more for my baby's dedication party, but the price has doubled overnight. I'll look elsewhere, because that's insane.

    I bought one for my maternity shoot and love it. I want to buy more for my ...

    Very cute

    5 stars

    I used these as centerpieces for a baby shower. I added on some things to make them look like the customer invitations and they turn out Great! I even got a little spray paint on one of them and it cleaned up well. NO RIPS NOR COMPLAINTS for me. Love them.

    Very cute Very cute Very cute Very cute Very cute

    Excellent for personalizing. Just curious why the price nearly doubled in the last couple of weeks.

    Why is the price doubled??


    5 stars

    I bought this on a whim because my son had learned to make the sound of an elephant, and it looked like a sturdy stuffed animal for a good price. It is my son’s special toy now for over a year. He named it Berta and we have 3 now. He won’t sleep without it and just adores it. It is cute and perfect for babies and toddlers.


    Soft and cute

    5 stars

    I love these! All the people complaining about the price and putting 1 star should know that price goes up and down every day. Be smart and check everyday they are 7$ now. I don’t think they deserve 1 star they are a buisness and if they want to raise prices it is what it is. If you do this for buisness make sure you buy 10 or more at once at this 7$ price that way you won’t complain about the price. But great quality.

    Soft and cute
to sum: This product brand is Bedtime Originals At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Flappy Elephant animated plush plays peek-a-boo and sings Do Your Ears Hang Low
  2. Ears flap during play to delight baby
  3. Made from high-quality, huggable plush material
  4. Surface-washable; ages 0+; three AA batteries included with purchase (trial batteries included, best with Polaroid AA batteries)
  5. 12 inch height (30.48 cm)
  6. Hey Baby!

    5 stars

    One of the cutest toys I have bought. Purchased for granddaughter and she loves it! Her Mom always says, "hey, baby" to her so it amazed her. She loves the ears moving.

    This is second product review I have sent. Grandbaby plays with this all of the time and she loves it! It is also holding up nicely. She likes to put her face between the ears while it is playing.The most favorite toy I have bought in a very long time. It is so sweet.

    Hey Baby! Hey Baby! Hey Baby!

    Absolutely darling! My granddaughter's face lights up every time we play it for her! And, I love that you have TWO songs!

    Double your smiles!

    Arrived DIRTY

    1 stars

    Flappy arrived dirty straight out of the box. Not even in plastic. Has dirt all over it. Returning it and getting a replacement.

    Arrived DIRTY Arrived DIRTY Arrived DIRTY Arrived DIRTY Arrived DIRTY

    I like the toys and I thought my daughter will like it too because she really likes playing peekaboo. But she doesn’t pay attention to it she just staring and not playing with it, what I think the reason is the eyes of the elephant is not eye catching for her.

    Too sad that my daughter doesn’t like playing with the elephabt Too sad that my daughter doesn’t like playing with the elephabt Too sad that my daughter doesn’t like playing with the elephabt Too sad that my daughter doesn’t like playing with the elephabt Too sad that my daughter doesn’t like playing with the elephabt

    My four-month-old loves this elephant I thought he would get bored but it still occupies him two months later the first one I received had issues stay with it. It would not play the music room in the butt and was touch luckily Amazon returned it for a new one and the new one has had no issues. We love our flappy the elephant

    Love him not annoyed yet
to sum: This product brand is GUND At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Mirror play helps baby learn how to focus, track images and explore the face
  2. Clacking rings awaken auditory senses
  3. Fun jingle sound will delight and keep baby entertained, capture baby’s attention, and engage baby’s hearing
  4. Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep baby engaged
  5. Tethered ladybug teether helps to sooth baby’s gums
  6. My baby girl LOVED this toy. It was the favorite among all of the Lamaze toys. She has had it since she was about 3 months old and it was HUGE in comparison to her size. She is now 6 months old and it is still a pretty big toy when it is on her in her car seat, but she loves the crinkle sounds it's wings make, loves chewing on the antennae and the rings (mainly the white one). She has not gotten into the squeaky on the wing and not so much so with the ladybug bite plate, Just loves gnawing on the head, wings and white clip. Now, I do have a few complaints for this product. We have purchased TWO of them now. The first one, shortly after receiving it, I noticed it started to tear on the fabric strip that holds the white clip/ring to Freddie's head. I thought it may have been from Sofia's eagerness, but I now believe it was just flawed stitching. Hand washing is the only way to clean this toy, which is fine, however, once you hand wash it you will notice the white is not really as white anymore because of the, what I assume are flexible metal pieces or plastic pieces inside the wings - they leave "strips" of dingy coloring. This isn't a big deal, just something I feel is worth mentioning, because Freddie doesn't look as clean any more even after a bath. Now, our second purchase we had to make because we thought we lost Freddie - and that is a big deal! So, Freddie #2 arrives and as I am cutting the little plastic tag strip to remove him from the cardboard, once free, I notice a pretty significant sized hole where the plastic strip had been - which was close to the seam on Freddie's head. SOooo, here we are with Freddie # 2 and he is damaged from the get-go. I am debating stitching it up or whether I should send him back - such a hassle. Also, we paid about $ 3 more for Freddie #2 for some reason, although both were purchased on Amazon within months of each other. Bottom line, Freddie the Firefly has been an amazing toy for our daughter and I highly recommend him - since others have failed. Lamaze Captain Calamari has been laying around for as long as Freddie # 1 and is just now receiving a tiny bit of interest (nominal), Lamaze Tug & Play Knot - having some success after a few months of dangling in front of her, and Lamaze Flutterbug - well, she is getting a little bitty bit of interest in this one when nothing else is around. My only suggestion, is if you get Freddie, look him over carefully for manufacturing defects and return him if you find any, because your baby will probably love him and you are going to want him to last.

    Baby Girl Loves, LOVES this toy - but watch out for manufacturing flaws Baby Girl Loves, LOVES this toy - but watch out for manufacturing flaws

    It's a Wonderful awesome toy. Will keep your baby occupied for a long time. Busy exploring the unique Freddie the Firefly. Made of the valour, this friendly toy will bring many smiles to your infant's face. The toy comes with different textured material, colors, and patterns. On top of this, it has a peekaboo mirror multiple shapes, and Freddie's feet make a crinkle sound. It also has a squeaker and clanging rings. Unique, educational, discover and learn toy. Highly recommend.

    Freddie the Firefly rattle Freddie the Firefly rattle

    My daughter loves Freddie!

    The back of his wings are black and white patterns, and that is really neat. It makes me wish we had bought this for her sooner.

    Now my daughter is 4.5 months old. She likes chewing on the wings (because they crinkle), and she likes chewing one the two bottom rings. She hasn't quite discovered the red teething thing yet, but I suspect she will really like it when she figures that out.

    Freddie is extra fun because he has so many bright colors, and the fabrics and cords are all different textures. This toy has a ton of different textures! The mirror is too small for my daughter to be interested in it, so that was kind of disappointing because she does love mirrors.

    But, she always finds this toy entertaining. It is our favorite toy to take along to distract her when she is in Baby Prison (aka. her car seat). Lately being strapped into her car seat has made her MAD, but Freddie helps her to forget about that really quickly. So, I can't complain too much about little things like the mirror being too small, because actually this toy makes my daughter and I both a lot happier.

    Highly recommended. This toy is such a winner.

    Oh, this toy is SO interesting!

    I got this for my daughter based on the positive reviews, and it has not disappointed. She literally wiggles with excitement when she sees "Friend-o." That's what we call him. It helps keep her quietly engaged in the car seat, which is a huge win. And as she's gotten older, she loves to watch him "fly" in to give her a kiss on the cheek. Very engaging, gender-neutral infant toy.

    Still loving it at 4 months!

    I love this toy! And so does my 3mo old baby. I have it attached to her car seat and she plays with the crunchy wings and rings on the bottom. So glad I bought it!

    Perfect distraction! Perfect distraction!


    5 stars

    I love it! It's much bigger than I anticipated which is great. My baby loves it! Great entertainment for when I'm driving...he eventually falls asleep holding the rings in his hand. Easy to clean, stands up great after being washed once a week. I don't put it in the dryer, instead, I allow all my baby's toys to air dry.


    This toy is fabulous! My 3 month old loves the crinkly wings and grabbing at all the different materials. She is always entertained with “Freddie” and it keeps her occupied and happy for long durations. The toy was larger than I expected which works great for my little one to fully grasp it. I think she’ll love playing with this toy for quite a while!

    Baby LOVES This Toy!

    It's cute, but I don't know how well my son will like it. I have, however found that the teether is not well attached and if I don't fix it, he will easily be able to pull it off.

    Not highest quality

    My son is 4 months old and he absolutely loves this toy! It’s colorful, has many textures, makes crinkle noises, and is easy for him to grasp. I love watching him discover this toy! I’m also trying to get him to sit up and this prop is doing an amazing job getting him interested in grabbing what’s in front of him! I highly recommend this!

    and is easy for him to grasp

    This is a perfect toy for baby. It crinkles and squeaks. It has a teeter, a mirror, rings, It is colorful and very versatile and engaging. Our baby boy simply loves it!

    This is a perfect toy for baby
to sum: This product brand is LAMAZE At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. CUTE AND FUN: Adorably cute grey elephant rattle toy with plastic shake ring with grey and white beads sits 5" tall
  2. STIMULATING: Moving beads make a rattle noise that is perfect sensory stimulation for infants, silky satin ears and foot pads are soft to touch
  3. PREMIUM MATERIALS: Elephant is made with luxuriously soft gray velour plush material, silky white satin ears, embroidered safety eyes, and a satin chevron bow
  4. A SPECIAL GIFT: Designer look and quality makes this rattle a great gift for baby showers, newborn baby boys and girls, or mom's jungle theme nursery decor
  5. BEARINGTON QUALITY: From the award winning Bearington Baby Collection, known worldwide for their luxurious fabrics and outstanding quality
  6. I loved this little elephant rattle. It was so cute and my son loved it. However, the plastic in the rattle part cracked and is now unsafe to let my little guy play with. This only ever got mild use from an under 6 month old baby, so the fact that it cracked like that shows how poor the quality is. Something else of note would be that the tail has little strings of yarn hanging off, these fell off extreme easily and I actually had to grab one out of my sons mouth before he swallowed it.

    So cute but unsafe :( So cute but unsafe :(

    Simple - honestly seems kind of cheap - but the elephant portion is soft and plush. I will sanitize and clean the ring portion, but even though sealed in plastic, the ring appeared scratched and marked up...

    Ok - small, cute.

    Perfect size for on top of the diaper cake that I made for the shower.

    Perfect size for the diaper cake


    5 stars

    As described, no problems with delivery. Will make a nice shower gift.


    used on top of diaper cake

    great little rattle

    Soft and cute.

    5 stars

    Perfect finishing touch for an elephant themed diaper cake.

    Soft and cute. Soft and cute.

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Very cute..I thought it was too small at first but I was wrong it was perfect

    Five Stars

    Perfect for our baby shower.

    Small but beautiful Small but beautiful

    I use it for a babyshower, it was worthy.

    you can use it as a decoration and also as a toy. you can use it as a decoration and also as a toy.

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Love them❤️

    Five Stars
to sum: This product brand is Bearington Collection The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 220. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Gender-neutral tan plush with matching satin accents is modern and fashion-forward
  2. Embroidered eye and nose details ensure safe use for all ages
  3. Machine-washable
  4. Ages 0+
  5. 10 inch height (25.5 cm)
  6. This was my daugther’s christmas gift. It was her first plush toy too. Unfortunately we got an item that had the stitches out. However, we have asked for a replacement item.
    It’s super soft and perfect for baby.My 4 month old daughter really liked it. It has eyes sown in and is of a right size for baby. It will definitely make a perfect hugsie. I like the fact that it’s machine washable unlike other plush toys However the teddy I received had the stitches out(see image).Hence replacing it. I will update the review when I receive the replacement item.
    I am increasing the star to 5 for their hassle free customer service. I received a replacement teddy and it was perfect. The return and replacement was hassle free. As consumers I guess , that’s what we all expect- excellent customer service!
    And now my daughter loves to cuddle her teddy during her play time.

    Truly the best first time teddy!

    When I first brought home my puppy 6 months ago, I gave her a little teddy bear and he quickly became her best friend!!! She played with him, threw him around and went through her teething faze with him!!! Unfortunately he has since been ripped so I searched teddy bears on Amazon for "babies between 0-24 months" so that they would not have plastic pieces for eyes and nose. I found this baby gund bear and instantly remembered how soft the gund products are. I ordered it and my baby girl loves him!! He is her new boyfriend!!! I've only had it for a week so I can't speak to durability just yet (so far, so good!!) but he is as soft as can be and she loves him. If she loves him, that makes me happy and I love him too!! SO SOFT AND CUDDLY! Almost as cuddly as my puppy!

    Perfect little

    Made in China

    1 stars

    The product description says "Made in Austria", but both the tag attached to the bear and the name card say "Made in China". Also, very poor quality, stringy, falls apart in hands. I can't allow myself to give this as a gift. Look for something else, not GUND. Attached are two photos.

    Made in China Made in China


    3 stars

    This poor bear has one lazy eye and one ear higher than the other. If he was just meant to be loved, it'd be fine. Unfortunately, he's debuting atop a diaper cake at the baby shower. I've ordered another one, hopefully I'll have better luck next time. This one will be donated. I'm sure he'll get the love all cuddly bears deserve. He's squishy and perfect for little ones.

    Update: Turned out that I liked the first one better. As you can see, it all worked out.

    Wonky Wonky

    Loved them

    Cute for decorating

    I am using this for a babyshower balloon centerpiece. It's so cute and really soft. Exactly what was pictured. Great quality.

    Really Soft & Great Quality Really Soft & Great Quality

    Great item

    5 stars

    The bear was a great sz and prefect gift.

    Great item


    5 stars

    I purchased this teddy bear to hold an Amazon gift card for a friend's baby shower. It's very cute & soft & it holds the gift card perfectly (w/ a little help from double sided tape). The tan bear is a little lighter in person.

    Cutie Cutie

    My boy loves it! And he had the teddy bear as his friends.

    The teddy is sooooo soft, and I'm thinking of buying another one.

    Great company for my kids Great company for my kids
to sum: This product brand is GUND The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 425. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. 👶 Material : 100% super soft plush,filled with superior PP cotton,suitable for 0m+ baby
  2. 👶 Music : every plush toy has one safe music box(no battery required), the beautiful and gentle music is helpful improving baby auditory awareness and calm infant down when crying
  3. 👶 Teether : baby can chew the teether to reduce toothache when starting a long tooth,absolutely non-toxic and safe
  4. 👶 Shape : the cute crocodile shape and bright colors help children to recognize new things and help their brains develop, the musical plush toy is best gift for your baby
  5. 👶 Function : hanging ring make the baby plush toy easily to attached crib,stroller,bag,car ect,this versatile toy is the best choice for early education, giving your baby better growth
to sum: This product brand is eurofield The score is 5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The rating is 1 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Rattle beads and click-clack sounds for auditory stimulation
  2. Mix of fabrics encourages tactile development
  3. Easy for little hands to grasp
  4. STEAM/STEM toys for a bright future
  5. My kid loves this toy but it needs some quality control, see pics . A 10 months old only bite to it generally not with strong force, the toy was teared . I had to sew it back myself to fix the tear otherwise it would be dangerous to my little one.

    My kid loves this toy but it needs some quality ... My kid loves this toy but it needs some quality ...

    I received this toy today. My son loves it, cos it’s easy for him to hold, but this product is NOT safe but DANGEROUS for infants, especially when my baby is teething now.
    As you could see from the pictures, 4 of the rings have parts peeling off, the blue ring even has sharp edge.
    Fortunately, I found the peeling off part on my baby's cheek, so he didn't swallow it.

    Product defect, DO NOT BUY Product defect, DO NOT BUY

    My baby LOVES this toy. The rings around the giraffe’s neck make a really neat rattle sound that always catches her attention. She’s 4.5 mos old now and is just starting to grab it on her own, but when she was younger she enjoyed us shaking it in front of her.

    Unique rattle sound that Baby loves.

    baby loves it!

    5 stars

    this is one of my sons favorite toys! he loves holding it and biting on it. he is 4 months now and this toy will keep him busy for longer than others. definitely a great purchase.

    baby loves it!

    My daughters favorite toy! She started playing with this at one month and let me tell you it’s perfect! It’s soft, well made, and has so many great colors. Once she makes eye contact with it she goes crazy! It’s really great to start to be able to occupy your baby with something. Would highly recommend!

    My daughters favorite toy! She started playing with this at one ...

    Great deal!

    5 stars

    This is a great deal considering the price of the toy! I love the toy, it's bright, the rings on the neck of the giraffe click-clack with a sound that can keep my girl's interest and still not annoy. The feet crinkle and the toy is just the right size for ma girl to hold it.

    Great deal!

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Super cute. Good condition.

    Five Stars Five Stars

    Very cute, baby loved it, but the stuffing is coming out of the seams already and we’ve only had it for 2 weeks!!! Save your money!

    Don’t waste your money!

    We ordered his toy as a little travel companion for our 4-month baby and we’re very disappointed to find stuffing leaking out of the toy. Then we noticed the nose was either torn or never properly sewn together. Very disappointing.

    Dangerous quality issue


    4 stars

    One of my sons favorite toys. Has a small hole in the seem after 2 weeks...

to sum: This product brand is Playgro At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Baby can cuddle up to new colors and music
  2. Huggable & soft to touch for tactile development
  3. Discover the colors in English, Spanish and French
  4. Squeeze Octoplush’s head to activate more classical melodies
  5. Includes volume control
  6. I really loved the first one I bought in August 2018. So I thought I would buy a back up in case my baby destroys the first one. Sadly it appears that Baby Einstein is cutting corners to sell them cheaper. NOTICE THE LACK OF DETAIL ON THE FACE OF THE ONE i PURCHASED THIS MONTH. Also the Bow tie is now just a cheap ribbon instead of the nice felt. The Octopus is just a bit smaller... and the most disappointing of all is the VOLUME ..or lack of. Not as loud as the the one I purchased in August. (Yes, I checked the volume setting inside and also replaced the batteries). Too bad BE. I would say keep the quality and add a few dollars. It's worth it to get a good product.


    My six month old absolutely adores this toy. Honestly she almost likes it too much because when she sees it she starts shrieking and bouncing and gets really hyper. Sometimes we have to take it away so she can calm down before getting it back. She hugs it really hard and will wiggle along to the music. It is very easy for her to push the buttons and manipulate the toy. It was definitely worth the cost for how much she loves it.

    6 month old loves it!

    Bought it as a gift for a one year old baby! I love that this toy is very educational and stimulating. When you press the face of the octupus, it plays tunes from Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Each tentacles says different colors and it can also speak 3 languages (English, Spanish, French). The doll needs 2 AA batteries and it's very soft and cuddly.

    Amazing product and good price! Amazing product and good price!

    The octopus looks like it's been used and old. Color is faded and uneven.

    Looks faded and used

    This toy is pretty cute. My 4 (now 5) month old baby seems to really like this.

    Cute, baby likes it. Cute, baby likes it. Cute, baby likes it. Cute, baby likes it.

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    We get the biggest smiles from our little Piper with this toy! She absolutely loves it!

    Five Stars

    Love it ????
    It has 3 languages , great size , my baby loves it as well.

    Cute and good quality

    Just don't forget to turn it off in the back when done to save some battery. Otherwise this toy has my 2 month old smiling. She even said some of the colors in a mimicking way! I'll try teaching her some colors in Spanish with this too as well as myself!

    My teen and my baby Loves It!

    Did not receive item as pictured, or described.
    Got the one with the black and white bottom, not a real Baby Einstein item. I didn't think the real item with the yellow and blue bottom is in stock anymore by this seller. The toy is smaller, the box is plain white and black, not a Baby Einstein boxed product. The sounds are off, it has a yellow ribbon instead of the blue bow, the face is stitched differently, it's cheaply made compared to the nice real one I bought back in October.
    Both were gifts, this one Is nothing like the previous one. The last one was a huge hit. The ONLY reason I bought it again is because how well the first one went over. This new version is a knock off flop imitation copy.

    Disappointing Poor Quality, Not as Pictured Disappointing Poor Quality, Not as Pictured Disappointing Poor Quality, Not as Pictured Disappointing Poor Quality, Not as Pictured
to sum: This product brand is Baby Einstein At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Item measures 11" long
  2. Plush giraffe has baby-safe embroidered details and a rattle inside
  3. Made with top quality materials for durability and softness
  4. I got a grumpy giraffe it seems. He definitely appears upset about something. He's super soft and comfy though. Lightly colored giraffe spots. I just wish he could stop staring at me in unending vexation. :'D

    He's super soft and comfy though

    Originally purchased from Zulilly before my 22 month was born. He has slept with is “Raffy” for over a year and it is well loved as you can tell. Decided it was time for a new one and Amazon had the exact same one! Definitely recommend for a baby gift as my little guy loves his. Super soft, no eyes to worry about. I’ve thrown him in the washer and dryer many times with no issues. And bonus toddler likes to hug him around his neck which is super cute.

    Can not say enough good things


    5 stars

    My 3 month old loves it! Washed it in a mesh bag before use and came out just fine. Ordering 2 more!


    Extremely disappointed and mislead. This giraffe, yes, is extremely soft. I will give it that. When I received it there was NO RATTLE inside, but in its place, was a music box. Which I wouldn’t mind if it was what I wanted to purchase. Not only that but one of the legs is a 1/2 inch shorter than the other three. This is extremely disappointing and quality control is clearly not one of the companies strongest suit.

    Misleading product description Misleading product description

    Super soft looks just like picture

    Just lile picture

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Five Stars

    Absolutely adorable and so very soft. My baby cuddles her new Raffee everynight!

    My baby approves!

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Very cute and soft

    Five Stars

    My infant loves this toy. Would definitely recommend this product

    Lovely plush toy
to sum: This product brand is ebba The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 331. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. ❤ THE BEST HEALTHY MATERIALS: Super Soft ECO-Friendly 100% Natural Organic Cotton that was naturally finished. Hypoallergenic polyester filling for sensitive skin./ Breathable. Dye Free - Natural Earth Given Color, No Bleaches, No Printing / Safe. Natural. Healthy: Chemical Free : NO Pesticides, NO Herbicides, NO Fungicides, NO GMO's and NO Flame Retardants
  2. ❤ FIRST FRIENDS for Toddlers and Stuffed Animals -- Perfect Size to hug : Cute Frill Bunny ( Measures approximately 14 inches) -Toddlers get attached to dolls and stuffed animals.These toys teach them important skills. Children often express emotions and thoughts while playing with dolls that they might not be able to convey using words. Playing with these "friends" allows kids to explore their complex feelings. Dolls and stuffed animals can help toddlers cope with separation anxiety.
  3. ❤ EASY TO WASH : Recommend Hand Wash ( Cool or Warm at 30 degrees or lower) / For the machine wash: Machine Wash on Gentle. Please do not use hot water./ Recommend using laundry bag- It should be Gentle Cycle ( Cool or Warm at 30 degrees or less) Dry - lay it flat and let it air dry, /Please do not use hot setting. It may shrink at high temperature as it was not chemically treated. / Please Use a mild detergent or nonfluorescent detergent. Please do not use chlorine or oxygen bleach.
  4. ❤ GUARANTEED -- For 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason, If you are not Satisfied - Please let us know why and we will fix it and we'll give you a full refund. Please give us an opportunity to make it right for you. Please contact seller: JOHN N TREE Organic
  5. ❤ ENSURE Organic Cotton Product: John N Tree Organic items are globais global certified ( Seed-Soil-Weed Control-Pest Control-Harvesting-Spinning-knitting and weaving- Sewing - Trading ) by an International certification Control Union.- This renews every year with the strict test result./Certified Organic Number and Label to the product is a title that is given to an item only when strict guidelines, made by The National Organic Standards Board,are met. Trackable Certification Number: CU822202
  6. Helps flat head

    4 stars

    Was really helpful in helping shape baby's head. He had a flat head and now he doesn't. Took him to his helmet consult and Dr said baby has a perfectly shaped head. I would have gave it a five but this material did make his hair fall off. I would notice baby's fine hair stuck on pillow. I bought another 3 different pillows and this one was the only pillow with baby's hair stuck to it. Love that it's organic!

    Helps flat head Helps flat head

    [[VIDEOID:87b7e4c17032ebae8b0a077f3cc39b7b]] We were a bit worried about our newborn getting "flathead" so we searched for a baby pillow. My search became more involved as we realized our precious baby's head would be on the material for long periods of time and we wanted something made from organic, clean material. We were so happy when we found this pillow. Not only is it certified organic cotton, but the inner stuffing is hypoallergenic as well and the cotton is harvested in a sustainable way. Great for the baby, great for the planet.
    My wife and I really appreciate the care that went into this baby pillow. You definitely get what you pay for in the world of baby products. While some may think this may be a lot to spend on a baby pillow, think about it this only need to buy 1 pillow for your newborn and you may as well buy the best quality.
    The shape of the pillow perfectly holds her little head and I can see how it will prevent her head from getting flat in the back. She has been sleeping and laying with this pillow for over 4 days now and I've never seen her so comfortable.
    I highly suggest this baby pillow from a great company who takes pride in their products. I am also going to suggest our local baby store to carry these great products.

    UPDATES: Our little one is 11 weeks now and she is starting to get playful. She LOVES her little organic puppy toy. I can feel safe if she puts it to her mouth because it is organic cotton.

    We also got her the sheep pillow to add to our collection and it is absolutely adorable. So soft and comfortable.

    We are about to wash the lamb pillow so I will let you all know how that goes in a little bit.

    The Absolute Best Baby Pillow You Can Find! The Absolute Best Baby Pillow You Can Find!

    This is the second pillow I ordered for my child, and BOTH came already used and covered in hair!! Seriously disappointed and will not be using this.

    Product came used with hair on it!

    I needed something that would help my newborn fall asleep and feel comfortable with when he is sleeping in his bassinet. Lately i have been letting him sleep in the bed with me because he sleeps longer but i know i have to make him sleep in his bassinet so i have been researching and i read a ton of reviews on this pillow. Received it today & he finally got to use it. He loves it & he seems so peaceful sleeping in his bassinet. He wakes up stretching here and there and usually he'd start crying but today he just went back to sleep right away.

    My newborn loves it!

    My baby seems to like it very much she didn’t want to sleep on her new crib since is big I think and she is moving from a bassinet to it however this has help a lot now she stays with no problem using her little pillow, my baby g is 4 months tomorrow and 16 pounds hope it helps! Oh! I haven’t seen any kind of hair or thing added to it so is easy to keep clean

    Perfect for baby head

    My son hated this pillow. It didn’t give him any neck support. I got it for him at 3 months so it will help him to not have a flat head but he was able to still turn his head sideways anyways so it defeated the purpose. It’s cute though, and I love the organic materials that’s it made from. It’s soft too. I’ll save it for my next kid, and hopefully he/she will use it.

    The quality is good, but my son didn’t like it.

    I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I have received baby pillows today. Made in Korea, soft and delicate. I like it very much. I hope my baby will like it too.Thanks.

    I like it very much I like it very much I like it very much I like it very much

    I really like this pillow for my baby, love the fabric, the style, but it is too small of a pillow. This won't do the job after he is 4 months old.!

    I really like this pillow for my baby

    Great product!

    5 stars

    I was panicking about my babies head because he has a preferred sleeping side, and he started to develop a slight flatness on one side. But he has only been using it fir a couple of days so its hard to say if it works but the pillow its great super comfortable for a fussy baby like mine. Great product! I will write another review in a couple of weeks to update if it help.

    Great product!

    I bought this Bunny to add a decorative touch for my baby shower. I added a Copper bow for the event. This product truly added to the experience of my baby shower! I am very pleased with the quality and item arrived as described but overall that this product has great quality and will be safe for my baby to play, handle and keep for a long time!

    Arrived with great quality! Arrived with great quality!
to sum: This product brand is JOHN N TREE Organic The score is 4.3, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 923. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. ★ Plush Rattle Toys .Made of high quality green fabric and teether ,meet toy safety standards , no harm to the baby .
  2. ★ It makes fantastic sound when shaking and pinch, not only attracts baby's attention very easily but train baby's hearing.
  3. ★ Specially Designed for Baby .The neck and legs are skinny enough for tiny hands to grip, nice for practicing fingers control.
  4. ★ Easily hang on car seat handle, crib, stroller or just put it beside your baby. Cute cartoon animal model, lovely looking.
  5. ★ Best gifts for your baby birthday gifts. 0-3 months, Baby Toys 3-6 months, Baby Toys 6-12 months, Baby toddler Toys, Baby Toys 1-3 years.
  6. Five Stars

    5 stars

    Thank you ????

    Five Stars

    Love it! Super soft and colorful and my baby is fascinated by it (he’s almost 3 months)

    Great toy for infants!

    My son is 2 months and he is just starting to interact with his toys Anna this one is great for keeping his attention visually and he can grab it and pull it toward his face without fear that he'll hurt himself.

    His favorite toy so far

    This is our baby’s favorite toy! It’s big enough that he can hug onto it and makes little noises when he moves it. Also has spots on it that are good for teething.

    Perfect for baby
to sum: This product brand is FOREAST The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 120. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Spunk gray puppy key wind musical toy plays "How Much is That Doggy in the Window"
  2. Embroidered eye and mouth details for safety
  3. Surface-washable for easy cleaning
  4. Appropriate for all ages
  5. 8 inch height
to sum: This product brand is GUND The score is 4.2, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 32, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. The security blanket is white super soft material, with light pink trim
  2. Features sweet face and gold horn, perfect for your little one
  3. Great gift for any child
  4. Carter's is the leading brand of children's clothing, gifts and accessories in America
  5. Makes for the perfect play time companion for your baby
  6. No blanket

    1 stars

    There was no blanket. Just the plush toy.

    No blanket

    My teen daughter could not get over how soft this thing is.

    I bought it as a gift for a unicorn theme baby shower and it was a huge hit with the parents to be.

    Some people in the reviews complained about sizing but really it is intended for babies/small children how big do you want this thing??

    I could not find my ruler or tape measure so next best thing was my can of Dr Pepper for size comparison.

    Super cute and great colors Super cute and great colors Super cute and great colors Super cute and great colors


    5 stars

    I bought this for myself because I collect unicorns lol. But it would be a great gift for a baby


    Can confirm, this was just a plush toy. We ordered this with the belief that it would be a blanket. Not what I paid for at all!

    Not a blanket, only a toy.

    Just perfect

    5 stars

    So in love with my baby's blankie!!

    Just perfect

    It's a cute plush, but it's not the blanket I ordered

    No blanket, only plush
to sum: This product brand is KIDS PREFERRED At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. CUTE AND SOFT - This KINREX Elephant Plush Animal for kids and babies comes in a beautiful gray color and is very soft and cuddly. Great sleeping companion. This high quality of materials, such as super soft polyester fibers and plush, guarantees extra durability. This little elephant friend is the softest sleeping friend you'll ever meet.
  2. PERFECT GIFT - This Grey Plush elephant can also be used as a decorative piece in a child's nursery. Perfect toy for newborn, infant, toddlers, girl, boys and great for kid's bedroom decor, animal themed birthday parties or as birthday, Valentine's, Christmas gifts for kids.
  3. SUITABLE FOR: You can give this baby elephant plush as a present such as birthday gifts, baby shower, holidays, birthday announcements, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special occasions. This elephant plush toy is easy to clean and washable. The size of this elephant plush fits perfect for babies and toddlers and will definitely bring a smile to their face.
  4. MEASURES AND QUALITY - This Elephant stuffed measures approximately 9" L x 9" W and weights around 165 grams. It is made from 100% polyester fibers. It meets and passed ASTM F963, CPSIA Section 101, CPSIA Section 108 Standards
  5. NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE - Our simple policy is to make our customers happy. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money. No questions asked! Restore the peace around your family, kids, or even neighbors and restore the love. BUY NOW with confidence!
  6. Adorable

    4 stars

    Used for a centerpiece for a baby shower not why it was purchased but they definitely came in handy

    Adorable Adorable

    So adorable!

    5 stars

    Exactly as pictured, so adorable. Seems like great quality too! Bought this as a gift for best friend’s daughter who is one. Seems to be stitched well, same quality you’d find in a store. I included a pic next to a women’s size 8 shoe for size reference.

    So adorable! So adorable! So adorable!

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Love this elephant. Very cute.

    Five Stars

    This plush baby elephant is so cute! Very soft material and a great size for younger kids. I used it as a topper for an elephant themed "diaper cake" at a baby shower and it turned out beautifully! [Wife of Shane...]

    Very soft material and a great size for younger kids


    5 stars

    Love them they are super cute, I purchased these for baby shower centerpieces.


    So cute.

    5 stars

    So cute, used it for my dessert table.

    So cute.

    Perfect topper!

    5 stars

    Perfect topper for nephews diaper cake I made ❤️❤️

    Perfect topper!

    Really soft. As pictured. Used for a balloon centerpiece.

    Soft and Cuddly.

    Product error

    2 stars

    Super soft.. perfect for what I was using it for but one of the feet is different than the rest.

    Product error
to sum: This product brand is KINREX At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Plush Blanket and Plush Toy
  2. Generously Sized at 30 x 36 Inches
  3. Wrapped with Ribbon for Perfect Gift
  4. Super Soft Fabric
  5. Machine Washable
to sum: This product brand is Hudson Baby The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 22, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. 100% polyester
  2. Imported
  3. This loveable doll is the perfect friend for a little girl
  4. Babies love the super soft fabric, satin lining and cute character. Rattle feature adds sound stimulation and a play element
  5. Snuggle Buddy is a plush toy that doubles as a security blanket
  6. Only friends made by Rashti and Rashti can be called a Snuggle Buddy
  7. Machine washable
  8. My Mother wanted to purchase a doll for my daughter that would feel good against her skin, that didn't have a hard face or features. This was the only doll out there that fit the bill. It's perfect.

    Soft and safe, great doll for little ones.

    My daughter received this adorable doll (and a somewhat matching outfit!!) as a gift when she was born. When she was 4 months old, she started playing with and loving this doll. She tries to eat her shoes and her pigtails, and loves to snuggle her! I have a feeling this doll will be in our lives for a long time. I'm buying a couple more to have on hand in case this one falls apart or to give as gifts.
    10/25/15 - my daughter is now 13 months old and she still loves this doll. We call her "Dolly" and she's always with her in the car and at daycare. I've washed her in the washer and dried her in the dryer numerous times and she's held up very well. So darn cute!

    4 month old loves this doll!

    The BEST!

    5 stars

    They aren't kidding! We are buying two more as backups!
    My Mother in law bought this for my daughter, when she was born and now she will not sleep without it!
    I don't know the washing instructions, but we have put ours through the washer a couple of times. We try not to take it anywhere that would get it too dirty...

    The BEST!

    This Aunt could not be happier that "Emmy" is my niece's favorite toy! :) 6 months gone by, Emmy can never be left behind, been washed a few times, still so soft. Love this. Huge hit!

    GOLD STAR GIFT!!  Baby needs to be safe too!!

    Love this doll. So soft and so cute!
    My 2 year old great niece seemed to like it a lot.

    Soft and adorable

    Looks a rather simple doll. Not a lot here, but It is well made. I actually thought I should have made one instead of waiting for it to arrive. And then reality hit me & I realized I’m not that kind of grandmother. I’m more of the get full of flour, baking with granddaughters kind. Then my 14 month old granddaughter opened it, hugged it, & didn’t let go of Alice (we named her Alice). And I realized, I’m exactly the right kind of grandmother. My instincts said she’d be lovely, & she is. And granddaughter loves her, instinctively.

    Instinctively LOVELY!

    This doll is my daughter’s everything. She goes with us everywhere. If you want to find your child a great doll that is easy to wash and easy to love, look no further. This doll is being loved to bits.

    This doll is the perfect fit! This doll is the perfect fit!

    The toy is really cute but... In general, I wouldn’t say it looked shabby. However, it arrived damaged. There was one lose stitch next to the head. I was extremely disappointed and had no time to return the item before Christmas. I ordered it last minute. So to save the situation, I put a pink bow on the doll’s neck.
    My friend’s daughter liked the doll a lot, but I assume this particular toy will be all broken after one day of playing with it. I hope my friend and her little daughter will not judge me for a poor quality toy I gave as a gift.

    Stitches are not strong

    My 1 year old grand-niece went crazy over this cute dolly. I put her on a super-cute tower of gifts.

    My 1 year old grand-niece went crazy over this cute ...

    Cute cute cute.

    5 stars

    We had stache and tutu party and this was a cute table decor that OFCOURSE ended up being loved by a 2 yr old later :)

    Cute cute cute.
to sum: This product brand is Baby Starters The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 22, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. SOFT: Soft velvety fur is perfect to stimulate your childs touch. Spunky's ears, tail and tag help with fine motor control
  2. LIGHT: Spunky is not overstuffed so it is easy for baby or toddler to hold onto
  3. SAFETY: Spunky has no hard parts so you do not need to worry about choking issues
  4. EDUCATIONAL: Spunky is a best friend to play with, sing to and can be anything your child imagines - a princess, an astronaut and even a dog
  5. WASHABLE: Spunky can be machine washed in cold water and air dried. We recommend a pillow case tied with a rubber band.
  6. Gave this stuffed animal to my daughter when she was about a year old. She would not let it go and still won't 8 years later. I went with Gund because they make a higher quality stuffed animal, and can be machine washed and dried-which I have done dozens of times. Though do not use Clorox 2 or fabric softener as I learned the hard way-it changes the stuffing where Spunky looks completely flat. Had to buy what I call a back-up just so if something happened to Spunky or I need to wash him, I could switch it out with the back up. She never knew for years;). Just switch often as he shows his love, and the tag will fade-and she or he will daughter did. When my 3rd child was born, she received the pink Spunky. Six years later, that one looks great too. I'm so glad Gund started remaking the tan one, though you can't go wrong with any of them! In fact my oldest daughter has been asking for a pink one for her 9th birthday. Just look at the photo (pink one has a chap stick kiss on her forehead).

    We've had Spunky for 8 years and still her favorite!

    Baby Approved

    5 stars

    Love this little guy. As they say, "Perfect First Friend for Baby or Toddler's Comfort and Security." Lil' Walter highly recommends.

    Baby Approved
to sum: This product brand is GUND The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 67, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. 5 Pack Cartoon Animal Soft Plush Hand Rattle Squeaker Sticks
  2. Includes Lion, Elephant, Rabbit, Puppy, Bear
  3. Made with soft, premium plush fabric. Stuffed with PP Cotton
  4. Shake for Rattle. Squeeze for Squeaky Sounds
  5. Sized just right for baby's little hands, easy to grab & hold
  6. I was excited to see my baby's reaction to these toys with both rattling and squeaky also beautiful colors. But ending up returning without letting him touch any of them. Stiches and fiber coming out.really sad.

    Didn't like the quality

    I do not understand why you would sell these as baby toys when get them it has a warning label that says choking hazard??

    Choking hazard??

    Y daughter loves these rattles. She squeezes them, shakes them, puts them in her mouth and even sleeps with one at night. Great value for the price.

    Baby Girl is A Fan

    Very cute!

    5 stars

    Those are really cute rattle toys. Decorated nicely with the diaper baby carriage I made.

    Very cute!


    1 stars

    Opened the box and found this. Package was open. Rattles not attached to what their supposed to be. Cute rattles, but afraid to give to my baby nephew now. I have no idea who has handled them.

to sum: This product brand is Liberty Imports The score is 4.2, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 96, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. 100% Velvet
  2. HIGH QUALITY: 2 pcs Soft Plush Rattle Baby Toys
  3. WONDERFUL BABY GIFT This is a great New Baby Gifts and Baby Shower Gifts.
  4. RECOMMENDED AGES: 0 - 2 Years. This is a cute Pink color Toy which is suitable as a Newborn Toys,Infant Toys,Baby Toys 0-3 months,Baby Toys 3-6 months,Baby Toys 6-12 months,Baby toddler Toys,baby Toys 1 year.
  5. MATERIAL: 100% knitted polyester
to sum: This product brand is GODR7OY The score is 4.4, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 21, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. NOTE: This is an assorted product; color and print advertised are subjected to vary.
  2. Soft, high quality plush fabric bodies with pattern accents and crinkle bellies
  3. Teether feet with textures soothe baby’s gums. Recommended age is 0 to 36 months
  4. Styles may vary, assortment of 2 characters:giraffe and elephant, customer will receive one of the 2 characters
  5. Care - Wipe clean with damp cloth and mild soap, do not immerse in water
  6. Problem 1: There's no care label
    Problem 2: If you soak the elephant and squeeze its head, all this purple dye comes out. Where's it coming from? The elephant isn't even purple! Are there purple-ish beads inside the head? My child is always eating the elephant - is he eating the purple ink too?

    Purple ink pours out of head if you soak it - see photo

    I only received one of the teethers in the picture but two was advertised... Maybe it should have been specified if I was only able to purchase one of the other. The ad was severely misleading

    Fooled by the ad... only got one

    4mos was in love with his snuggle teether straight away. Well constructed. Fun crinkle sound and chewy feet. We received the giraffe. It is flat and floppy and very lightweight making it ideal for an infant's developing fine motor skills. My son had an easy time handling this and chewing on it. The very first time holding his new snuggle teether he instantly wanted to hold it and play with it. It's his new favorite toy. Also, it can totally go into the washing machine which is great because it's going to get chewed on a whole bunch!

    Baby's new favorite Baby's new favorite

    Very cute. I ordered one and really wanted the giraffe but got the elephant instead. Super cute nonetheless, can’t wait for my lo to play with it. I ended up ordering two more to try my luck. I figure it might be good to keep one in her diaper bag and a spare just in case. I did put it in a laundry bag and tossed it in the washer and then dried it in the dryer and it’s just fine as you can see. :)

    Update: I did order two more and got two giraffes. So now I have both. The giraffe also washed and dried well in the washer/dryer. :D

    I love it, you can’t go wrong. I love it, you can’t go wrong.

    I got 2!

    5 stars

    I received 2! I read the reviews and the biggest complaint was that the picture was misleading and that they only received 1. I went ahead and ordered anyways because I didn’t think $5 was bad for just one of them. I was blown away when I received 2 of them and I can’t wait to give them to my little one for Christmas. I’ll update this review once she has played with it them!

    I got 2!

    My baby loves this toy! It is easy for him to pick up and shake - it does make a loud rattling sound - and he enjoys that! He also now plays with the little plastic rings and the spinner. This is is favorite rattle out of the bunch we have and he will spend a good 10-20 minutes entertained by it. This rattle is the perfect size to travel with, too. It is about 4 inches long and easy enough to slide into a diaper bag pocket. He started playing with it at about 2 1/2 months when he was learning to grip objects, although it was a tad heavy for him at that age, so he kept dropping it. Now he is 6 months and he just enjoys it so much!
    The toy is very easy to clean - I just either wipe it clean or lather some soap and rinse it off in the sink. No need to lauder, like other posts mentioned. The only negative is I thought the teal grips were softer, but they are just plastic so my son doesn't like to teeth on it because it is too hard. Otherwise, wonderful toy!

    Wonderful toy for little hands! Great for traveling and easy to clean Wonderful toy for little hands! Great for traveling and easy to clean

    My daughter loves this toy but it got dirty today so I rinsed it off. Did not submerge, just rinsed and the clear section now has water in it. No way to take apart to dry out so will probably get moldy. Ugh.

    Update--- it dried out well without any special interventions. So glad!!

    Don't get wet (updated)

    The stiching came loose the day we got it. Has to be thrown away as a 4 month old cannot play with toys with lose threads. Very disappointed.

    Stiching came loose

    I thought I was buying both the giraffe & elephant when ordering this item. When it arrived it was only the giraffe. There should be something stated that you’re only receiving one item at their choosing. I will say that my baby seems to enjoy the giraffe!

    Misleading listing

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Nice sensory & teething toy for any baby.
    *if my review is helpful, please let Amazon know by hitting the YES helpful button :)

    Five Stars
to sum: This product brand is Bright Starts The score is 4.4, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 21, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Tucker giraffe plush toy
  2. Constructed from high-quality and huggable material
  3. Embroidered details ensure safe use
  4. Surface-washable; appropriate for ages 0+
  5. 8 inch height (20.32 cm)
  6. This is Patches! (Our Baby giraffe) My girlfriend and I first child!
    We love him very much! We got him on October 15th, 2018!
    He is very soft to hug and handsome as hell! ;)
    He is not deformed in any way. He sometimes can stand up on his own four feet. Warning, if you get your OWN Patches... He is very needy. He is going to want much attention. Just letting you know

    11/10 would recommend!

    Patches My Baby Boy!!! Patches My Baby Boy!!! Patches My Baby Boy!!! Patches My Baby Boy!!!

    So soft

    5 stars

    Super soft, super cute. Unlike another review, the toy that we received is not very floppy (at least not yet - the gift recipient loves their stuffed animals hard!). I was able to stand it up just like the pictures in the listing. If you're looking to display a standing giraffe for a decoration, though, this one isn't your best bet - it fell down when my kids jumped near the table.

    So soft


    5 stars

    Very cute stuffed animal. It is smaller in size but a good purchase

to sum: This product brand is GUND The score is 4.9, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 79, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Produced by WowWee for pinkfong, official creator of the global hit Song baby shark!
  2. Tap the top of baby shark’s head for him to dance and sing to the baby shark song (English version)!
  3. Call his name "baby shark" For fun reactions!
  4. Press baby shark’s fin to hear 2 bonus songs!
  5. Super soft plush!
  6. Long-life replaceable batteries included
  7. This is a fun Baby Shark Toy! Much better than the tiny toy sharks!

    This is an interactive you that has a greater variety of songs including the full Baby Shark song in English.
    I love that the toys moves and keeps both preschoolers and toddlers moving!
    Give it about 3-4 feet space to move around. Definitely captured the kiddos attention.

    Made with quality and attention to detail. It's not cheap feeling at all, nicely plush. Easy to change the battery and turn off and on. Few moving pieces so less risk of breaking.

    Quality and fun interactive toy! Quality and fun interactive toy!
to sum: This product brand is WowWee The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 854. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
baby plush toy
  1. Size: 13 inch in standing height.Package included 1*Me Too bunny girl doll +gift bag
  2. Made of high quality safety environmental soft plush fabric+PP cotton filler.Could be wash.
  3. Every seam is tight and well stitched.Adorable bunny long ear could be curved.Super soft fabric,perfect size and weight for your baby snuggle her in arm and play for all day.
  4. Mom friendly:A small sized plush toy is in a bigger demand than large ones.When go out for a restaurant or travel with kids, they will insist on bringing their toys along.They love the plush toys as their playmates.
  5. Sweet gift for Easter day decor,Easter Gifts,children's birthday,christmas,thanksgiving,baby shower,mother's day and other memorial day.
  6. My husband got this as a gift for our daughter when we got back from vacation visiting family. She just loves this baby. It is so adorable. I want to buy all them. Just too cute. My daughter just turned 2 and it is just the right size.

    Update: we have had this for a bit and have had to wash it a few times since my daughter sleeps with it every night. It still looks great. The last picture is right out of the driver.

    It is so adorable. I want to buy all them It is so adorable. I want to buy all them It is so adorable. I want to buy all them It is so adorable. I want to buy all them

    I really can’t say anything bad about this bunny, but my daughter at this point really isn’t playing with anything so I can’t say it has with stood the test of time. It’s cute and makes for an adorable prop! We use it for her monthly pictures and it always turns out cute!

    Great picture prop!

    So Adorable!

    5 stars

    This is seriously the most precious doll ever! She's even better in person. So soft and very well made. I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my best friends daughter and I can't wait for her to open it! Like other reviewers mentioned, the doll is so adorable you even consider keeping her for yourself lol. I'll definitely be buying more for future gifts!

    So Adorable!

    I got this doll for my soon to be new niece and I placed it in the gift basket that I was going to give to my brother. It definitely stood out than all of the other items I included in the basket. The only small issue I have is that I don't know how to keep the loose ears to stand up instead of to the side.

    I got this doll for my soon to be new ...

    In Love...

    5 stars

    If I could give more then 5 stars I would! I absolutely LOVE this doll!. I bought it for my daughter's first Easter! The doll is SUPER soft! I just wish her ears would stay sticking up. Other then that - I can not wait for my little one to snuggle up with her new doll! And, an added bonus was this cute little keychain gift - How cute!! I definitely will be getting more to add - I want the whole collection

    In Love... In Love... In Love...

    She is beautiful! Well made and Perfect for Easter! My daughter was beyond thrilled to pull her out of her bag and now brings her to bed, naptimes and even when she’s playing in her cottage. We definitely will be buying more! Highly recommend!

    Beautiful Bunny & Easter surprise!


    5 stars

    I bought this for my grand niece's first birthday. I made a matching baby and doll blanket to go with the doll. I love this doll! Very cute!


    Quality !!!

    5 stars

    Our granddaughter is going to love this little doll ????
    Soft and super cute. Well made good quality ????

    Quality  !!! Quality  !!!


    5 stars

    Ordered for my daughter for Christmas. Came with a cute bag perfect for gift-giving. Can’t wait to give it to her. Can’t wait to order more of the characters!


    She loves it!

    5 stars

    I got this for my 6 month old. She loves it. She cuddles it whenever I hand it to her (even while she nurses). It's super cute.

    She loves it!
to sum: This product brand is Me Too The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 370. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON

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