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Tuxera Inc
  1. Online channels: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, TED and more in the works
  2. Cross-platform support: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  3. Media Servers: Plex, Twonky Server, PS3 Media Server, Windows Media Center, LaCie NAS, XBMC, Netgear ReadyMedia etc.
  4. Support for all major file formats including FLAC and mp3
  5. More: background playing, streaming YouTube videos in HD, simplified navigation, themes and more
  6. Smiling

    5 stars


to sum: This product is free fire The score is 2.7, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 731. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON

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1355 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
P: (123) 456-7899
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