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Simon Pegg

    If you are familiar with the writings of Dave Barry then you will be very comfortable with this movie. Dave Barry has the ability to take something that seems so common and straightforward, then slightly exaggerate and embellish and expound until you find yourself in a fantasy and wonder how you got there.

    Constable Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) finds himself to be too perfect; he is rejected by his girlfriend and banished to the small village of Sandford by his police force community. Here he must adjust to rural life. But is rural life all it seems?

    Nikolas is becoming suspicious of a series of accidents and his mind is starting to say murder. Can his newfound friend/coworker, PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) squelch this tendency of Nicholas' to see murder and everything? Or will we be caught up in necklaces fantasy.

    I have only seen the Blu-Ray version of this film so I cannot compare contrast to other versions. You guessed it this presentation has all the standard extra goodies voice over's and additions and whatnots. Naturally they all enhance your viewing pleasure and do not distract from the original presentation. However it is the movie we came to see extra goodies are just icing on the cake so when you make your choice don't forget the cake.

    [[ASIN:0345440633 Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys]]
    [[ASIN:1569385882 Midsomer Murders - Set One ~ John Nettles]]

    Midsomer murders on steroids
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