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  1. Kids can bring the Rescue Bots fun to life with their favorite yellow robot! Press the button on the Bumblebee toy to activate fun lights and sounds
  2. Supercharge the fun with the rescue pets! Kids can convert the rescue pet figures into armor, a capture claw, and a projectile launcher that can attach to the Bumblebee toy
  3. Triple the fun with this Transformers toy! Kids can play with the Bumblebee toy as a robot or a racecar. Then convert the rescue pet toys and attach them to Bumblebee in either mode
  4. This 10-inch Bumblebee toy has been designed with Easy 2 Do conversion preschoolers can do, allowing the action figure to convert from a vehicle to a robot with 1 easy step
  5. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots toys are sized right for small hands. They make fun gifts for new fans and kids who already collect Transformer toys
  6. Bubblebee is Optimus Prime's most trusted lieutenants. He's also a major favorite in our home of 3 boys (6,3,2). He transforms easy enough for my 6 and 3.5 year old to figure out. The 2.5 year old gets stuck sometimes. The description said 3+ so that's right on track. It's designed for preschoolers in mind. (See video of my 3 yo transforming)

    As a mother of boys, the DURABILITY of transformers has become increasingly important. My boys transform with violence and a touch of panic. The plastic needs to be strong and well designed. I always wait at least 2 weeks before reviewing toys because that's typically how long it takes to break if they're poor quality.

    This Bubblebee is amazing!

    SOUND: The noise isn't too terribly irritating and loud. (this is very important to parents.) . He says "Crime Conquered" and makes random swishing sounds when transforming. If your kids are really into Transformers they will be confused why Bubblebee talks. Because in most series he has a robot voice and doesn't speak English. My boys are intense fans so they picked this up fast.

    LIGHTS: The Lights aren't too bright but give a cool affect when transforming. We don't have any other transformers that have lights so this is a cool feature.

    EXTRA FEATURES: It comes with two robo dogs which my boys do NOT care about. They are weird and they can't figure them out. It also comes with a shield / armor of some sort that was quickly discarded aside. The dogs are supposed to attach to BB as extra protection. All 3 boys don't seem to want this interaction or ability. Bubblebee is cool enough on his own. He doesn't need pets. ;)

    Overall this Bubblebee is well-made, durable and easy for preschoolers to manage.

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    Bubblebee is a MAJOR favorite in our house
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  1. Features Optimus Prime as 2 in 1 knight to dinosaur
  2. Includes 2 Mini-Con figures
  3. Easy 2 Do conversion
  4. Sized right for small hands
  5. Includes Knight Watch Optimus Prime figure, Scale the Shield-Bot and Lance the Raptor-Bot Mini-Con figures
  6. Ages 3 to 7
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  1. Features Heatwave the Fire-Bot, a favorite Transformers Rescue Bots character
  2. Easy 2 Do conversion
  3. Converts from robot mode to vehicle mode and back
  4. Sized right for small hands
  5. Ages 3-7
to sum: This product is bot The score is 4, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The evaluation number of this product has already been 16, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. NOTE: This version comes in simple brown packaging
  2. Pop-up activity toy introduces your child to different shapes, animals and cause-and-effect play — and rewards all of these discoveries with colorful critters
  3. Ages 9 months and up
  4. Includes Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin' Pals
  5. [[VIDEOID:b25023b881c2654e0fbf798b864ac4d6]] Switches 1, 3, and 5 work every time. Switch 2 works about 75% of the time and switch 4 works about 10% of the time. Very frustrating for toddler and momma.


    Holy sh*t I fixed it.
    After dealing with this broken toy for literally years. I finally decided to open it up and see what I can do. Here are instructions and pics to fix the broken dial.
    Step one; open all of the characters.
    Step two; remove the THIRTEEN screws from the back.
    Step three; take a small piece of thick paper fold it in half and tuck it over the sides of the rocker switch.
    Step four; fit the pieces back together then carefully turn it over to see if it works.
    Step five; if all is well reassemble the toy. Be careful not to over tighten the screws.

    Great when it works update! Instructions on how to fix it! Great when it works update! Instructions on how to fix it!

    When I bought this toy, I honestly didn’t even read the description. When it arrived I was disappointed when there was no sound, music, or anything. Just open and close. That time my daughter was 3/4 months old. She enjoyed it here and there but didn’t care for it too much. Now, 8 months later, she still plays with it. And I LOVE that there’s no music. Haha unlike other toys it doesn’t make noise and annoy the heck out of you with repetitive sound effects etc. but it still keeps her entertained for a while.

    Very simple but entertaining Very simple but entertaining Very simple but entertaining Very simple but entertaining

    Very cute! #4 is incredibly difficult for a small child though! He carries it around like a briefcase :-)

    Perfect battery free toy!

    Must have !

    5 stars

    My 1 year old absolutely love this product . Easy to use and best of all doesn’t make any noise . It supposed to help with bean development . 1 year old baby you must have !

    Must have !

    Two Stars

    2 stars

    A childhood favorite but the 4 won’t pop up.

    Two Stars

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Great toy! Kids love it, great quilty, packaged well and delievered on time!

    Five Stars

    I see all of the negative reviews are mostly saying the buttons are too hard to push. Not sure if it makes a difference with suppliers but I purchased mine for much cheaper at a big box store and haven't had any issues with it. I bought this toy when my son was around 9 months old. He loved playing with it then and still does now at 18 months! I do rotate toys in and out every couple months to keep interest, control the mess, and switch things up so that may be one reason he still likes playing with it. I think it will still be age appropriate for him for a long time still. As he grows he can use this toy to name each color box, pop up animal, count the numbers on top, count the number of lady bugs on each sticker, and of course continue playing with the different types of knobs and buttons. I like that it is without lights or batteries. The colors are soft on the eyes and little zoo animals cute. I haven't had any issues with the stickers coming off as many have mentioned.

    Great toy that keeps interest Great toy that keeps interest

    Classic baby toy. I got one of these for my son after seeing it at his daycare. He got a lot of use out of it. 4 years later I pulled it out for my baby girl. She has been playing with it since about 7 months old. And my son loves showing her how to use it. She's too young to open all the doors but she can close them and seems to enjoy it. It's sturdy, simple and I like that it doesn't make electronic noises or have batteries.

    Classic lovely baby toy

    This pop up toy is simple enough for a baby (6+ months) yet fun enough to intrigue a toddler. It has fun colors and I love that the too is numbered 1-5 as it's a fun way to work on numbers with a Young toddler. The animals are cute- a giraffe, elephant, monkey, lion, and oanda. My kids are fighting over it!

    Babies and toddlers love it! Babies and toddlers love it! Babies and toddlers love it!
to sum: This product is baby toddler toys The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 16, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. Classic air Poppin’ surprises – what happens when they press the button? Colorful balls pop here, there, and everywhere! This toy elephant includes 4 easy-grasp balls and also plays 6 fun tunes
  2. Get them moving' And grooving' – this ball-popping toy for babies and toddlers 9 months and up can help them practice motor skills, eye-tracking, and exploring cause and effect
  3. Adjustable active play – you can control which way the balls go! Kids can Chase the balls around the room, or sit and watch the balls pop up and Back into the toy
  4. Adorable and storable – designed to slide easily into a closet or toy box, this adorable popping toy for active babies and toddlers is compact, fun, and simple to store when playtime is done
  5. Includes Chase 'N go ball Popper toy, 4 balls, and instructions
  6. Toddlers can get active with air-powered, unpredictable fun
  7. Adjustable to cycle balls continuously or launch them around the room
  8. Kids can practice motor skills, eye tracking, and making predictions
  9. They can also explore cause and effect by pressing the button to hear the 6 tunes
  10. Includes Chase 'n Go Ball Popper toy, 4 balls, and instructions.
  11. 4 D batteries required. Not included.
  12. Fun!

    4 stars

    My daughter loves this toy but she can’t play with it without someone holding it still. She keeps wanting to pull herself up on it and it’s not sturdy enough for that.


    Dangerous toy

    1 stars

    [[VIDEOID:7cc6906d112851151b7d7bf940af0521]] Be carefu with this toy as there are a few danger spots. The 'catch' basket can be a hazard since it moves and the toy isn't very stable. My son pinched his finger pretty bad when he fell over trying to reach for one of the balls causing the basket thing to turn and pinch his finger Between the basket and the track below. I also think this can be a hazard if his small hands are through the hole and then falls, potentially breaking bones on your baby. After owning this toy I'm in the opinion it should be taken off the shelves.

    Dangerous toy
to sum: This product is ball toy The score is 4.2, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 176. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON

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