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Perfect Curve
  1. Store and organize up to 9 baseball caps or visors over-the-door or on a wall
  2. Two separate racks allows for use in two different rooms
  3. Adjustable to fit different height doors
  4. Each cap-hook is double stitched for added strength
  5. No assembly required
  6. AWESOME way to store a large number of caps. Easy to retrieve and put away. Looks nice on door. Perfect solution for cap aficionados.

    On a side note, I have no idea how they are able to hang so many caps in their stock photo. I'm only able to hang about 5 hats per cable, but I'm satisfied regardless. You can comfortably fit 4 rows on a single side of a door. If you really wanted, you could hang another 4 rows on the other side of the door too!

    To make the cable tight (and prevent the hats from swinging around as you open and close the door, make sure to loop the bottom underneath the door frame first. The strap should cover the metal clip (as shown in my 2nd photo). Then, bring the cable up to the hook for a snug fit.

    Perfect solution for cap aficionados. Perfect solution for cap aficionados.

    Of the 6 photos of the product, the last 4 highlight features that you will not receive. The bottom and top of the door hooks (pictures 3 and 4) are not included and photos 5 and 6 highligh a plastics clip that you can hang one or two hats from. You will not get a plastic clip to hang your hats from, it is like stiff foam. If being bate and switched in 66% of highlight photographs is going to make you a happy shopper.

    Amazon should do something about this

    This is a great storage solution! I have melasma so I wear hats outside constantly. Since my collection keeps growing, I decided to test this product out. You are given 2 belts that hold 9 hats each with 2 different ways of attaching the belt to the door. I choose the less permanent version which took all of 2 minutes to install. Easy peasy and works like a charm!

    A reviewer said the belts weren't long enough for their door, but mine was fine with room to tighten. These 100% for sure fit a standard sized door.
    I liked it so much I ordered another set the next day..ha! I now have 3 rows on my bedroom door and I'm saving the extra belt in case I need it later!

    2 belts hold 9 hats each

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Loved it!

    Five Stars

    While this rack works great, it doesn't match the pictures in the product description. As you can see in my photos, it only has one hook per level so one hat instead of the double hooks shown in the pics. If it had shown the single hooks, it would be a full 5 stars. It works great and I use it daily, I just docked the stars because it holds half as many hats as I was expecting.

    Great product, doesn't match photos Great product, doesn't match photos

    I think this is great so far, but 3 stars because it isn't what's shown in SOME of the pictures. You do not get the double hangers. You do get two straps 9 hooks each so you will get 18 hanging positions.

    Not what's in some of the pictures

    CapRack 36 by this same company is amazing. I did a quick search for CapRack and bought this assuming it was the same, but just holding less hats. This is completely different than CapRack 36. I honestly don't know why this company even makes this product. It is absolutely trash. The CapRack 36 clips on to the hats holding them in place. This, on the other hand, is just a few flimsy hooks that don't clip to the hats at all. Don't waste your money, buy the CapRack 36. The CapRack 20 is now in my garbage and I bought the 36 again.

    DO NOT Confuse this with CapRack 36 DO NOT Confuse this with CapRack 36

    Does the Trick!

    5 stars

    This rack does exactly what I need it to do. My doors are extremely well fit to their frames - so I've had numerous over-the-door hooks not allow my doors to close; this has the perfect hanger to fit my door.

    Of course the product photo makes the hats look much more organized than I think you could ever get it to look - but I love this product. Could probably easily fit two side-by-side on a standard sized door if you need even more hat storage!

    Photo 1: How hard hang
    Photo 2: Inside door hook (at floor)
    Photo 3: Outside closet view (at top of door)

    Does the Trick! Does the Trick! Does the Trick!

    Simplistic, affordable, and does the job well. Easy to install. Hint: To get the strap tight, hook onto the top hook and shorten the strap just enough that you are just shy of reaching the bottom hook. Adjust the strap to add length in small increment until you can pull strap over the bottom hook with a bit of effort. It's much easier than trying to make adjustments after the strap is hooked on both ends. And contrary to other reviews, you CAN use this for fitted caps as I have several hanging in my photo.

    Simplistic, affordable, and does the job well. Easy to install.

    Super awsome

    5 stars

    I read through all the reviews before buying this. I was hesitant to buy something so low in cost thinking it would be super cheap (cheaply made). This turned out to be decent quality. It took me all of 10 minutes to install both on the wall in my closet and put hats on it. If you look at the picture, the one in the left is a $30 hat rack and the one in the right is the CapRack 18. Can’t tell the difference except:
    1. CapRack does not hold pro caps well, you need it to have an adjustable strap in the back to hold securely (although it can be done)
    2. CapRack can hold more than one hat at a time, thus doubling the amount you can mount (I did this in the picture, look at the top hat it’s doubled up and still secure)
    3. CapRack is half the cost and just as good.

    The order comes with 2 straps, not one so I mounted the other one behind where I took the picture. The CapRack 18 is pretty long and and I have a laundry basket under the left rack in the picture and I would have lost out on one or two clips if I put it there.

    One thing that impressed me is that it’s adjustable. This is helpful when you mount the top and bottom so you can tighten it to the mount and keep it taunt. I definitely recommend this.

    Super awsome
to sum: This product is caps for men The score is 3.9, it seems that the quality needs to be improved. SEE ON AMAZON

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