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  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Imported
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Set includes 3 double layered caps
  5. Made of 100 percent organic cotton
  6. Machine wash warm with like colors. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low
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  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Imported
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Features a comfortable encased elastic waistband allowing for easy changing
  5. Styled with a self-fabric cuff at the ankle
  6. Made of 100 percent organic cotton
  7. Pack includes 2 pants
  8. Machine wash warm with like colors. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low
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  1. Mirror play helps baby learn how to focus, track images and explore the face
  2. Clacking rings awaken auditory senses
  3. Fun jingle sound will delight and keep baby entertained, capture baby’s attention, and engage baby’s hearing
  4. Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep baby engaged
  5. Tethered ladybug teether helps to sooth baby’s gums
  6. My baby girl LOVED this toy. It was the favorite among all of the Lamaze toys. She has had it since she was about 3 months old and it was HUGE in comparison to her size. She is now 6 months old and it is still a pretty big toy when it is on her in her car seat, but she loves the crinkle sounds it's wings make, loves chewing on the antennae and the rings (mainly the white one). She has not gotten into the squeaky on the wing and not so much so with the ladybug bite plate, Just loves gnawing on the head, wings and white clip. Now, I do have a few complaints for this product. We have purchased TWO of them now. The first one, shortly after receiving it, I noticed it started to tear on the fabric strip that holds the white clip/ring to Freddie's head. I thought it may have been from Sofia's eagerness, but I now believe it was just flawed stitching. Hand washing is the only way to clean this toy, which is fine, however, once you hand wash it you will notice the white is not really as white anymore because of the, what I assume are flexible metal pieces or plastic pieces inside the wings - they leave "strips" of dingy coloring. This isn't a big deal, just something I feel is worth mentioning, because Freddie doesn't look as clean any more even after a bath. Now, our second purchase we had to make because we thought we lost Freddie - and that is a big deal! So, Freddie #2 arrives and as I am cutting the little plastic tag strip to remove him from the cardboard, once free, I notice a pretty significant sized hole where the plastic strip had been - which was close to the seam on Freddie's head. SOooo, here we are with Freddie # 2 and he is damaged from the get-go. I am debating stitching it up or whether I should send him back - such a hassle. Also, we paid about $ 3 more for Freddie #2 for some reason, although both were purchased on Amazon within months of each other. Bottom line, Freddie the Firefly has been an amazing toy for our daughter and I highly recommend him - since others have failed. Lamaze Captain Calamari has been laying around for as long as Freddie # 1 and is just now receiving a tiny bit of interest (nominal), Lamaze Tug & Play Knot - having some success after a few months of dangling in front of her, and Lamaze Flutterbug - well, she is getting a little bitty bit of interest in this one when nothing else is around. My only suggestion, is if you get Freddie, look him over carefully for manufacturing defects and return him if you find any, because your baby will probably love him and you are going to want him to last.

    Baby Girl Loves, LOVES this toy - but watch out for manufacturing flaws Baby Girl Loves, LOVES this toy - but watch out for manufacturing flaws

    It's a Wonderful awesome toy. Will keep your baby occupied for a long time. Busy exploring the unique Freddie the Firefly. Made of the valour, this friendly toy will bring many smiles to your infant's face. The toy comes with different textured material, colors, and patterns. On top of this, it has a peekaboo mirror multiple shapes, and Freddie's feet make a crinkle sound. It also has a squeaker and clanging rings. Unique, educational, discover and learn toy. Highly recommend.

    Freddie the Firefly rattle Freddie the Firefly rattle

    My daughter loves Freddie!

    The back of his wings are black and white patterns, and that is really neat. It makes me wish we had bought this for her sooner.

    Now my daughter is 4.5 months old. She likes chewing on the wings (because they crinkle), and she likes chewing one the two bottom rings. She hasn't quite discovered the red teething thing yet, but I suspect she will really like it when she figures that out.

    Freddie is extra fun because he has so many bright colors, and the fabrics and cords are all different textures. This toy has a ton of different textures! The mirror is too small for my daughter to be interested in it, so that was kind of disappointing because she does love mirrors.

    But, she always finds this toy entertaining. It is our favorite toy to take along to distract her when she is in Baby Prison (aka. her car seat). Lately being strapped into her car seat has made her MAD, but Freddie helps her to forget about that really quickly. So, I can't complain too much about little things like the mirror being too small, because actually this toy makes my daughter and I both a lot happier.

    Highly recommended. This toy is such a winner.

    Oh, this toy is SO interesting!

    I got this for my daughter based on the positive reviews, and it has not disappointed. She literally wiggles with excitement when she sees "Friend-o." That's what we call him. It helps keep her quietly engaged in the car seat, which is a huge win. And as she's gotten older, she loves to watch him "fly" in to give her a kiss on the cheek. Very engaging, gender-neutral infant toy.

    Still loving it at 4 months!

    I love this toy! And so does my 3mo old baby. I have it attached to her car seat and she plays with the crunchy wings and rings on the bottom. So glad I bought it!

    Perfect distraction! Perfect distraction!


    5 stars

    I love it! It's much bigger than I anticipated which is great. My baby loves it! Great entertainment for when I'm driving...he eventually falls asleep holding the rings in his hand. Easy to clean, stands up great after being washed once a week. I don't put it in the dryer, instead, I allow all my baby's toys to air dry.


    This toy is fabulous! My 3 month old loves the crinkly wings and grabbing at all the different materials. She is always entertained with “Freddie” and it keeps her occupied and happy for long durations. The toy was larger than I expected which works great for my little one to fully grasp it. I think she’ll love playing with this toy for quite a while!

    Baby LOVES This Toy!

    It's cute, but I don't know how well my son will like it. I have, however found that the teether is not well attached and if I don't fix it, he will easily be able to pull it off.

    Not highest quality

    My son is 4 months old and he absolutely loves this toy! It’s colorful, has many textures, makes crinkle noises, and is easy for him to grasp. I love watching him discover this toy! I’m also trying to get him to sit up and this prop is doing an amazing job getting him interested in grabbing what’s in front of him! I highly recommend this!

    and is easy for him to grasp

    This is a perfect toy for baby. It crinkles and squeaks. It has a teeter, a mirror, rings, It is colorful and very versatile and engaging. Our baby boy simply loves it!

    This is a perfect toy for baby
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  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Imported
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Blanket is 2 ply with 1 solid side, 1 all over print side, and contrast binding
  5. Made of 100 percent organic cotton
  6. Machine wash warm with like colors. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low
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  1. Peekaboo flap wings encourages touch, promoting tactile development
  2. Crinkle and jingle awaken auditory awareness
  3. Knottie antennas and textured teether handles stimulate baby’s gums
  4. Easy-to-grasp handle helps stimulate fine motor skills
  5. Bright colors help stimulate visual development
  6. I was really excited to receive this toy, one for myself and one as a gift. However, I am really disappointed I did not receive the yellow bee and the other side red ladybug. Instead I got a multicolored green ladybug and just polka dots on the back. No where is it stated that colors may vary. Besides from the color it is a very cute toy-rattle-teether...there just needs to be a more accurate description :(

    Colors not as shown Colors not as shown

    We love this bug rattle! We got this when my baby was almost 2 months old and have had it for over a month, my daughter loves it more and more each day! The bright contrasting patterns attract my babies attention. She loves the crinkly sound the wings make. The ribbons on the bottom and the antenna are easy for her to grab and she is learning how to hold the handles now. This rattle has a lot of interesting textures and do-dads for a baby that is just learning to use their hands to grab, more than all the other rattles we were given. I would highly recommend this rattle for newborn babies.

    Perfect size and full of interest for a newborn

    This toy is 0mths+. I purchased it when she was almost 2 mths old. At first she would get frustrated right away, i would have to take it away because she didnt now how to get the yellow part in her mouth. It would take her a couple of times. Now she is 4 1/2mths and loves it. Very entertained and amuzed by this toy!! Thank you!!!

    Very entertained and amuzed by this little toy!!

    Already coming apart! It hasn't even been a month. Other tomy Lamaze toys we have seem to be upholding better

    Already coming apart! It hasn't even been a month ...

    This toy is perfect for my son. It is a great size for him to play with. He can grasp the handles, crinkle to wings & play with the antennae. I'd highly recommend! My son is 5 months old.

    Highly recommend

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    My daughter loves it..takes it everywhere

    Five Stars
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  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Imported
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Set includes 3 double layered caps
  5. Made of 100 percent organic cotton
  6. Machine wash warm with like colors. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low
to sum: This product is cotton baby hat The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The rating is 7 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON
  1. 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  2. Imported
  3. Pull On closure
  4. BRA: Great for overnight use, when frequent feedings are a definite, these nursing bras are supportive, but with enough stretch to make them comfortable to sleep.
  5. ELASTIC BAND: The stretchy elastic band underneath the bust ensures that you go about your day in total comfort.
  6. WIDE SHOULDER STRAPS: The wide shoulder straps helps the bra stay securely in place without risk of your straps slipping or having the be adjusted in any way.
  7. EASY TO NURSE: The v-neck style, low cut, crossover design, and stretchy fabric makes it easy to nurse a hungry baby who wants to be fed immediately. Comfortable and supportive enough to be worn overnight.
  8. I 100% recommend. I am a 38 C and ordered a large. This bra is extremely comfortable. I forget I'm even wearing it. It is also very easy to nurse without the hassle of a nursing bra that has the front clips. .

    Good for everyday wear, great for sleep

    Super comfy and a good fit! I was an a-cup pre pregnancy and am now probably a large B. I’m in my late third trimester, so I haven’t worn this for nursing but I do love it to just wear at home when I don’t want a full bra but still want some coverage.
    The material is a little thicker than i expected and it was odd feeling at first, but I got used to it quickly. I’m sure the point of the thickness is to prevent leakage.

    Great bra- would buy again

    Poor quality

    1 stars

    This bra arrived with loose threads and when I tried it on it felt like the whole thing was going to fall apart. The material seemed soft and like it would be comfortable for sleeping and wearing around the house but the quality was so poor I had to send it back. It also fit quite small. I am 5'8" with 38C and I ordered a medium.

    Poor quality

    I ordered this nursing bra in anticipation of needing it for breastfeeding- so I didn’t try it on until it was too late to return. When finally putting it on today, I noticed a large rip in the back which is definitely not supposed to be there! The bra had just been sitting in my drawer, and had not yet been used. The material is comfortable and the fit is correct- but the rip makes the bra unusable.

    Comfortable but damaged

    Mine has a mistake in the sewing no big deal but other than that I think it's a bit too small, every time I would bend over my breast on one side will fall out. Most comfortable bra ever!!!!

    Very comfortable!!! Very comfortable!!! Very comfortable!!! Very comfortable!!!

    Very comfortable but I have only worn it a few times and already the seams are coming apart in 3 places!

    Very comfortable but I have only worn it a few times ... Very comfortable but I have only worn it a few times ... Very comfortable but I have only worn it a few times ...

    Update: The sizing is inconsistent. I bought two bras in size small, one black (Feb 2015) and the second dark charcoal (Mar 2015). The black was clearly larger. When laying flat, the black one's straps were 1.5" longer and the width was 3/4" wider. Same label size; dramatic size difference. The black S fit me perfectly, and I usually wear 34C. The charcoal gray bra is uncomfortably small.

    Previous comments: I bought two sleep & nursing bras, this one from LaMaze and another from La Leche League. I'm keeping this one and returning the La Leche League. Neither is very supportive, but that's fine for sleeping. Both make it easy to expose the breast for nursing. However, the La Leche bra is scratchy. This one is wonderfully soft and very comfortable. My one complaint is that the way it's sewn it kind of flips half inside out so it always takes me a few seconds to figure out front versus back, and inside vs outside. But once I have it on, it's great.

    Very soft. A little complicated. Inconsistent sizing.

    I am beyond frustrated with my order. I received it today without tags and a clearly visible deodorant stain. BEST case scenario, someone else just tried it on and chose not to keep it. But ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I'm incredibly disappoint and, frankly, disgusted. This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. Gross! CUSTOMERS BEWARE!

    Received without tags and DEODORANT MARKS! NO.

    It came, unopened, with the seams ripped in several places.

    Delivered Damaged and Unwearable
to sum: This product is cotton bra The score is 3.6, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The rating is 7 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON
  1. Soft teethable antlers soothe baby
  2. Knottie activity legs and crinkle hooves invite baby to explore – stimulating tactile senses
  3. Mortimer's squeaker tummy awakens auditory awareness and keeps baby entertained
  4. Multi-purpose clip connects to strollers and diaper bags so you can clip Mortimer and go
  5. Mortimer is made of super soft material that baby will love to touch and snuggle.
  6. My daughter love love LOVES this moose. It entertains her through just about anything. When in her car seat she used to cry seat each time the car stopped. That is gone. The moment I put her in I give her Moosey and she is good to go until we get home, and even after we get there. This includes being stuck in hour long traffic. It also worked for a 4+ hour road trip. At home Moosey gives me the time I need to get chores done, or have a bath. She keeps her company for HUGE stretches of time.

    She loves the many colors and sounds from different parts of the body. When she was still very tiny (she was less than 4 pounds when born) Moosey's body parts were small enough to fit into her tiny hands and mouth. The antlers are bendable and that is now her favorite part to munch on. That and one of the feet that crinkles. I love that the moose has so many features. The ears and some of the feet crinkles. There are also bells in the feet that make different sounds. The fabric holding the car seat attachment has a spring action and the fur has a great, soft texture. The scarf also crinkles, and the different colors of the entire toy are very bright and vibrant.

    At almost 6 months old Moosey is just about the only toy that she plays with. Every other toy she may play with it for a few minutes and then she is looking for something else to do. Not so with the moose. She is her Moosey.

    My daughter loves her Moosey

    Cute moose

    5 stars

    'Morty' the moose is a hit in our house! We bought this sensory toy for our now 6 month old son who absolutely loves it! There are so many colors and textures for him to touch and play with. There are rings to attach it to a play mat or a swing or even a stroller. The material is super soft and there is even a squeaker on the inside. Mortimer is a long name to pronounce so our 3 year old started calling it Morty moose. Awesome sensory toy!
    I paid full retail price for this item

    Cute moose Cute moose

    Our 3 month old can't get enough of this moose toy. He has every toy, swing, sound machine, and book under the sun - but nothing compares to this moose! It soothes him when he's fussy and entertains him. He's mesmerized when I shake it over him in his car seat or bassinet (maybe because of the black and white pattern on the bottom of its hooves?). Worth every penny!

    Our 3 month old can't get enough of this moose ...

    My five month old son loves this toy. Unfortunately it came in the package with a tear on one of the legs with stuffing coming out. This is obviously a hazard and can not be given to my son. I love Lamaze products but am disappointed in the quality of this toy.

    Disappointed in quality, torn leg is a hazard for my baby

    Got this for my daughter’s car seat but when it’s hanging and you put the handle down it hits her in the face. So instead I just hang it on her bassinet at work. She loves it so much. ????

    My daughter loves it!

    Mom recommended, shepherd approved. If my shepherd can handle this...then its baby friendly considering it's a baby toy! Yes, I buy baby toys for my dog. I had one similar to this and it has taken a lot of nibbles and tosses well. Bought this and my boy loves it! Makes all kinds of noises.

    Bought this for my dog! Bought this for my dog! Bought this for my dog!

    I got this toy when my baby was 4 months old and she didn't show too much interest for it, now she is 9 months and she barely plays with it. So it didn't really work for us although it's cute and the quality is pretty good, the colors are bright.

    Nice toy but my baby us not interested in it

    Love our moose.

    5 stars

    So cute!! I have a feeling we will have it a long while. So many fun things to explore. Our baby girl loves her moose!

    Love our moose.

    Love it!

    4 stars

    Got this moose as a Christmas present for my two month old son. Can't wait for him to chew on his antlers!

    UPDATE: my son is 3.5 months old now and LOOOOOOOOOVES Mortimer. He goes with us everywhere! When home, I hook him on his activity mat and he bops him all around and chews on his feet. On the go, I hook him on his car seat and he stares lovingly at his little friend. Out and about, I take him out and my son plays with him on the floor or while being held. Mortimer was the first toy he's EVER grabbed for -- on Christmas, nonetheless! Mortimer is awesome; he's soft, he's chewy, he squeaks, crinkles, rattles and tinkles (as in a bell, you silly gooses) and he keeps my child entertained. He is a special toy that I'm very glad we purchased. Highly recommended.

    Love it! Love it!

    Based on the high ratings, I ordered this for my grandson. As you can see, he says five loving stars.

    He loves his moose!

    super cute

    5 stars

    I used him to decorate the top of my diaper cake...I'm sorry I don't have a better pic. He was adorable and will hopefully be well loved by baby!

    super cute

    We love Mortimer the moose! My 3 mo is obsessed with him.

    Mortimer the moose

    My Maddie loves all Lamaze toys, but she likes this one the best. She talks to him like all the time. Loves to travel with him and is always happy when he is around....I would recommend him to anyone!

    1 year old LOVES her Mortimer

    Hands down the best toy we have for our baby. Initially our son like staring at Morty's face and the black and white shapes on the bottom of the hooves. Over time he's become interested in other "features" on the moose. He does like sounds (not all babies do!), so the crinkle paper in the hooves is a big hit. One has a rattle and one a bell. There's also a squeaky toy in the torso. Once teething began the large antlers and rings on the back became useful for chewing; now that he can grasp, the rings allow him to wave Mortimer around when flailing. The way the body lays has been really useful--no need to be able to grab and hold to interact. It's our go to toy for the car seat or entertainment at cafes and restaurants during adult conversations. Mortimer is hand wash (this isn't too bad given that some of our toys are spot clean only).

    Awesome for a range of developmental stages

    I still can’t understand how these tiny babies can be entertained by hanging toys on activity gyms but Oliver will giggle, stare, caress, pull and bite on these toys for about 30 minutes. But he’s been known to do marathon playtime for two hours! I love to lay next to him and watch him explore and squeal with delight. It’s so amazing to see the wheels turning in his head as he’s learning and playing. What must Oliver be thinking?! He’s never seen a real life moose!
    Oliver was getting bored with the hanging rattles that came with his Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym and I noticed that he was really gravitating towards soft, plush toys. I decided to do some research and find a plushy for his activity center.
    I am very picky and somewhat indecisive so I actually did A LOT of research before selecting the Lamaze Mortimer The Moose snuggy. Mortimer is very well reviewed on Amazon and he’s also inexpensive so if the little one doesn’t like it, it’s not the end of the world. Mortimer’s feelings might get hurt but he won’t say anything. There’s a pink version of Mortimer for the little girls and her name is Muffin the Moose.
    Oliver is now just a little over five months old but because he was born two months early his adjusted age is just around three and a half months. He is showing a lot of interest in the moose. When I am carrying Oliver past his play gym he squeals and points at the moose. That’s mommy’s cue that Oliver wants to play!
    And play he does! He goes bananas when he hears the music on the Kick and Play Piano and the crinkly sounds of the moose’s feet! He pulls on the rings and puts everything in his mouth!
    On several occasions he has fallen asleep with a death grip on Mortimer’s legs. I don’t even try to pry the moose loose from Oliver’s hands, just cover him and and let the babe sleep as long as he needs to. The moose is made out of a soft plush fabric with a slightly longer coat it’s quite soft and perfect for snuggling. The antlers are flat and made out of a soft rubbery plastic that the baby can chew on, soothing teething gums. Moose’s legs are dangly with colorful crinkle hooves and satiny legs. The hooves are made out of different fabrics with different textures. There is also a rattler inside so when shaken the moose makes a rattle sound that babies seem to LOVE! Mortimer also squeaks but at five months old, Oliver can’t quite make the moose squeak yet. Someday.
    The moose attaches by a clip and ours is typically attached to the Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym but we have taken it off there so Oliver could cuddle with it. Another great place to take this little guy is in the car, your little one will keep busy on shorter car rides. Clip and go anywhere including playmat, strollers, cribs, carriers, diaper bags, car seats and it is perfectly fine to use as a plush “teddy bear” too!
    It’s recommended from birth up but honestly, Oliver didn’t show interest in the hanging toys above his activity gym until about two and a half or three months. But we did introduce him to the activity mat at around 1 month old. But he just laid there or started crying because of all the colors and sounds. I think sometimes VERY young kids, around 1 or 2 months, may be overwhelmed.Oliver doesn’t understand “gentle play” at this point so he is pretty rowdy when he plays with Mortimer. Mortimer is well built and he feels pretty sturdy like he will last for a long time. The toy DOES come with a 90 day limited warranty from the manufacturer and if you purchase it from Amazon, they have an amazing return policy. Especially if you are a Prime Member. So rest assured.The Moose measures around 11.5″ L x 5.3″ H x 2.8″ W and he weighs about 4.8 ounces so he is pretty large and can definitely be used as a snuggle bear when not hanging on the little one’s activity gym or crib.
    I have not washed Mortimer yet but it is recommended that he be surface cleaned only. I don’t see why he couldn’t be gently hand washed but, again, this is something we have not tried out yet.
    Lamaze seems like a great company and they are a subsidiary of Japanese toy company TOMY. The toys in the Lamaze line are created by working side by side with child development experts. All of their toys focus on baby’s development, learning and sparkling creativity. My son Oliver and I are really big fans.
    Every time I purchase a Lamaze toy, Oliver seems to really enjoy it. Most of their toys are very brightly colored and have a plethora of different textures on them so Oliver is always intrigued. Lamaze has been creating toys for over twenty years.
    And Mom’s have spoken, Lamaze brand items are typically highly rated and recommended. This Mama and her little one give Mortimer a rating of Excellent! Highly recommended toy!

    I Find This Amoosing I Find This Amoosing I Find This Amoosing I Find This Amoosing I Find This Amoosing

    My daughter has had this since she was born. It's a toy a family member gave when their child grew out of it, so it wasn't new. My daughter is now 3 years old and still enjoys having her Mortimer

    This toy has held up fantastically against infants and toddlers playing with it regularly. The feet are fun, they either crinkle or they have a little bell inside. The teething rings weren't used much, but the antlers were. If I had to buy another, I certainly would

    The feet are fun, they either crinkle or they have a little ... The feet are fun, they either crinkle or they have a little ...

    At first, my baby didn't want anything to do with Mortimer. He just seemed to have a LOT going on and it was a bit overwhelming. Then she started teething and being able to grasp things. Soon enough, those big plastic ears ended up in her mouth and she was gripping the cuddly parts of the moose. She definitely prefers him to her other teethers, probably because she can "hug" him while she mouths his ears. She loves to hear him squeak and loves his crinkly feet. I definitely recommend this animal for babies 3 months and up--at 2 months she just wasn't very interested in him, she preferred other stuffed animals. However, once she was able to grasp she definitely showed Mortimer some love. I highly highly recommend him to babies past the newborn stage--she won't go anywhere without him.

    Great for chewing yet huggable for cuddling!

    My 10 mth old chewed off a piece of the mesh between the scarf pieces and choked. Please cut the scarf off!

    Caution choking hazard Caution choking hazard

    Mortimer is still our favorite Lamaze toy at 9 months. I think his fuzziness has a lot to do with it. His antlers are good for chewing, and his feet too. The feet crinkle and the belly squeaks so he's got sound covered. Good all around toy for baby. 5 stars!

    Baby's favorite Lamaze toy - Must have moose!

    When my baby was born this was the first toy I introduced to him. When he was about 3 months old he started to really love his "Marty" (We nicknamed it.) Now at 5 months, it's his buddy. He carries it around when we go from one room to another. Marty's jingly bells, and squeaker helped distract him during his 4 month vaccinations. Marty keeps him entertained in the car, and he loves chewing on Martys ears, and rings. I think that this is going to be his buddy for a long time. I think I might get the peacock too, just to see how he likes that one since he loves this one so much.

    Ozzy loves his Ozzy loves his

    My daughter adores this moose! She is 3 months and always wants to snuggle it or lick it! ???? definitely keeps her more occupied than her other toys!

    My daughter adores this moose! She is 3 months ...

    A Colorful moose! Its so cute and big and it had little jingle bells in the feet. The antlers are great for teething & the Visual stimulation is great! I even found myself staring at it! :) This is a toy ill keep in his chest forever for us to look back on one day.

    How could u go wrong with this? its great!

    Nice toy

    5 stars

    My Grandaughter loves her moose ????
    Received in time for Christmas

    Nice toy
to sum: This product is developmental baby toys The score is 4.9, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The rating is 7 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON

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