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  1. Spill-proof tray stores wand and bottle
  2. Easy-grip wand fits little hands
  3. Long-lasting solution
  4. Easy care and cleanning
  5. Age 3 and up
  6. Great bubble set. I don't have more to add than other reviews, but I mainly wanted to mention that these bubbles seem bionic.
    Over a day later I looked in my daughters playhouse and there are still bubbles in there. I've seen a few around the house as well that are still intact.
    Not sure if this is a plus or minus. Lol. What's in these things that make it last so long. Hopefully nothing toxic.

    24+ hrs later bubbles still intact...
to sum: This product is bubble blower The score is 3.6, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 275. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON

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