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  1. Watch every live, out-of-market Sunday football game
  2. Dominate your Fantasy League with DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE*
  3. Replay every touchdown with RED ZONE CHANNEL*
  4. Set alerts on your favorite players and never miss a big play again
  5. Piece of junk

    1 stars

    Well this was a complete waste of time. The app was super unstable and consistently threw a heartbeat.JSON error after which you could not reconnect without force closing the app and restarting, only to buy yourself about 10 more minutes. I'm going back to using my computer with HDMI out.

    Piece of junk

    Horrible app and what a waste of money, the package cost me 200 dollars and the fire tv was 90 dollars the app is always closing and forcing me to restart the app, constantly getting error codes, Amazon nor direct tv will take responsibility for it, pictured below is one of the error codes that started popping up a week ago and still has not been fixed

    Horrible App from direct tv and Amazon

    It's great when it works, but like most Fire Stick downloaded apps (see UFC.TV), it's hit or miss if they work. The app will randomly stop working and it sometimes takes an eternity to get the streaming to start playing video. This app along with others on the Fire Stick are great ideas, but in my opinion, the execution is lacking though.

    I'd give 1 star but it works sometimes

    Clear picture only stalled out once

    Clear picture only stalled out once

    0-stars. Buggy to the point of making streams unwatchable. Don't waste your frustration subscribing to this service, it's a complete rip-off and AT&T will refuse to refund your money.

    Avoid and Save Money

    I don’t have Sunday ticket

    Don’t have Sunday ticket


    Free Sunday ticket

    Just does not work. We are paying $50 a month for this and I expected a service with the NFL's name on it to have much better quality than this. Sunday has turned into the most frustrating day of the week for me because of this app.

    We are paying $50 a month for this and I expected a service with the NFL's name on it to have much better quality than this


    5 stars

    Just to have it on the firestick is a added bonus but the app itself is awesome can't wait for some Sunday football what i would really like it to be is for every game football like on Monday's and Thursdays also but I'll take what I can for now better than no football but hopefully we can update that but for now im really happy with the eazy to use app thank you


    don't watch nfl morons any longer as they are overpaid punks who don't respect America's Flag and National Anthem and therefore our Soldiers of which, yes, I am a veteran of. I wish as a soldier I got paid what they do.

    forget the nfl  and it's vagrants  besides it's not even real football any longer.  Sissy Ball more like
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  1. Watch thousands of your favorite movies and shows, live or on Demand
  2. Enjoy the latest releases on DIRECTV CINEMA and buzz-worthy entertainment from top premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, ENCORE, and SHOWTIME
  3. Start watching an On Demand program on one device, pause, then continue watching on any other device.
  4. Binge watch with ease. When you finish watching an episode of a show, the next episode will start playing automatically
  5. Start watching a show on your device, then tap to send it to your big screen. And vice versa—send it from your TV to your mobile device
  6. Set your DVR to record movies and shows from anywhere. You can record a single episode of a show or an entire series with just one tap
  7. Use your mobile device to pause, play, and rewind the program that’s playing on your TV.
  8. Set parental controls and enjoy peace of mind over what your kids are watching
  9. Oh Direct is the best!!!
    I mean the best !!now I can go everywhere with
    Them!! Don't have to worry missing anything! !
    Keep up the great work Directv

    Go anywhere and everywhere with Directv

    Because I will be able to take my kindle Fire with me anywhere and look at my TV shows and record shows also while I am away from home.

    Direct TV is The BEST!!


    1 stars

    If I could give zero it would be too high. Absolutely a piece of junk. Couldn't get it to load.

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