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Bill Bryson

    As a history "buff", the detail of scientist understandings and attitudes was enlightening.

    What you always wanted to know.

    I loved this book. Took me longer to read than other books because of how much information it gives you. Definitely reading again with notebook and pens.

    Get a pen and paper

    This book transitions you from a sense of Self to a sense of Wonder. To contemplate the machinations of a 13. 7 billion year phenomena can create an overwhelming sense of joy. It is currently the best attempt at a 'Total Perspective Vortex'. It helps one transition from a state of Self Awareness to a state of Reflective Awareness.

    There is something bigger than you: the visible universe.

    I've read this book a few times now and every time I pick up something I've missed from the last read. Simply one of the greatest books in my library.

    My favorite book.

    Read this now!

    5 stars

    Makes history interesting. Not like an old fashioned textbook.

    Read this now!
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