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  1. ALL VINYL, 14 inch Berenguer Preemie designed to capture the experience of a newborn's first days of life.
  2. With realistic and beautiful expressions; Factory stock
  3. Baby wears a "preemie" size in baby clothes; Comes with pacifier (design may vary); Hospital bracelet; Cloth diaper;
  4. Hat; Outfit; Belly band; Disposable diaper; Cloth diaper; Pink headband (Curly ribbon clipped to headband - Not Included)
  5. Perfect for girls who can not afford a re-born doll or those of you wanting to re-born a doll.
to sum: This product is reborn babies The score is 3.2, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The evaluation number of this product has already been 47, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON

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