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  2. I preordered this coloring book at the beginning of September and just received my copy yesterday. I absolutely love it! The pictures are creepy and very pretty (pretty for the type of content at least). A lot of the pictures are very detailed, but as long as you have either use pens or keep your colored pencils nice and sharp, it shouldn't be a problem. The quality of the paper is very nice and thick and easy to draw/color on. I highly recommend this coloring book to anyone looking for a creepy coloring book for Halloween or if you're just into that kind of thing.

    Beautiful and Creepy Beautiful and Creepy

    fun book

    4 stars

    Lots of gory pictures to book

    fun book fun book fun book fun book fun book fun book fun book fun book

    So much fun!

    5 stars

    Never been a big coloring book guy, but This Time I am obsessed! Alan's drawings are exceptional, and in My Eyes, it's a fun challenge adding color to his art. Zombies rising from Underground, creepy clowns, spiders weaving webs - horrific Through and Through!

    As far as the actual coloring, the River Runs Red. Lots of blood! Been using watercolor markers, sharpies, and colored pencils, and the pages hold up well with nothing bleeding through - no Stain Remains. I throw on some metal, listen to the Words and Music and color away. There's a Method of Groove to it all, which usually means three or four hours flying by like nothing. Great way to spend your Monday, Thursday or Friday evening.

    Nothing but Respect for this book and its art, no Bad Seeds. Highly recommend picking it up. Also fun to see everyone else's colorings!

    So much fun! So much fun!

    I grew up on horror movies. I reenacted said horror movies with my Barbies. I also drew and colored A LOT. This coloring book would have been an obsession when I was a wee thing but now it's gory relaxation. It had me at zombie-octo-mermaids.

    My favorite of all the coloring books I own.. My favorite of all the coloring books I own..

    Absolutely love this horror themed coloring book. The artwork is incredibly detailed. There's so much variety to the 'horror themes' too. Werewolves, zombies, sea monsters, etc. This is the first coloring book I've found that's HORROR. It calls me to in so many ways. As soon as I seen that it was on pre-order I had to order it. I could not wait to get it and it seriously has not disappointed. I totally recommend it to anyone who loves horror and anyone who loves to color!


    Thank you Alan Robert!! As an artist myself, I had been looking for an adult coloring book that offered more than page after page of cute and cuddly critters with flowers - this book definitely delivered! Though the subject matter may be too creepy for some (spiders, zombies, killer clowns) the drawings are so sophisticated and beautifully crafted I feel like they'd appeal to more than just horror fans. Each page has something completely spooky and different from the next, you won't know where to start. I don't know how I'm going to get any work done after purchasing this book!

    Truly art therapy for the abnormal


    5 stars

    I AM IN LOVE. I love anything horror, and I love coloring. Mix the two and you have the greatest product known to man. The art is fantastic. I love it all, just look at these photos. The coloring is the best thing ever. I am in love I cannot gush about how amazing it is. 10/10 would buy again. I cannot wait for the next one in the series.


    I purchased The Beauty of Horror I coloring book because Halloween and other horror-type coloring books are by far my favorite. Based on positive reviews and the really cool video the publisher put out to promote it, I was seriously excited, to say the least.

    The book has a sturdy cover with a - get this- dust jacket! There are images to color on the inside of the jacket AND on the inside of the book’s cover. Each page is printed evenly (no wonky misprinted images) on quality heavy stock paper that does not allow bleed-through nor pressure marks (I press so hard, it looks like I’m mad at the picture). I used Prismacolor Premier pencils with ease as the paper is so smooth there is no worry about having to burnish to get the color into nooks and crannies. It also takes the blender pencil well and does an amazing job of allowing my eraser to work properly without tearing the page.

    As for the images themselves, to put it simply, they are works of art. Mr. Roberts is creative and talented, so much so that this coloring book has held my interest to the point of WANTING to color every page, unlike most where there’s only 4 or 5 that I care to spend my time on. Additionally, there is an excellent balance of white space, and unlike some other horror coloring books, it isn’t laden with so much black that there’s no point in adding any color to it. Rather, each image, while perfectly rendered in its own rite, invites and graciously allows the colorer to contribute their own creative make it your own, if you will.

    My only wish is that the pages were one-sided and perforated. I understand there is a Beauty of Horror Ultimate Nightmare book coming out that features frameable pages, so hopefully that means they will at least be one-sided.

    By the way, the images I included with this review show pages I have started but not yet completed. This is how I color, but was so impressed with my experience so far, I didn’t want to wait until each page was finished to share.

    Superior quality, amazing artwork-a must buy Superior quality, amazing artwork-a must buy Superior quality, amazing artwork-a must buy Superior quality, amazing artwork-a must buy

    I love this gruesome coloring book! From zombies to rotten sugar skulls, there's a lot of great artwork to choose from here and it isn't cheesy making it a true adult coloring book! Nice thick stock paper and variety of full-page to 2-page pieces to work on. Exceeded my expecatations. LOVE!

    Get Creepy and Creative with this Awesomely Gruesome Coloring Book! Get Creepy and Creative with this Awesomely Gruesome Coloring Book! Get Creepy and Creative with this Awesomely Gruesome Coloring Book! Get Creepy and Creative with this Awesomely Gruesome Coloring Book!

    I absolutely LOVE this coloring book!!! It is extremely detailed, so it is not for the inpatient.. But when you are finished.. The pictures come out amazing! I just got it about a month ago, and am very OCD about coloring in the lines, and detail, so it took me a while to finish one picture, but I love it and have received a ton of compliments. I would recommend this to anyone!! The only down fall is the pages aren't perforated so you can't take them out of the book..

    Absolutely LOVE it!! Absolutely LOVE it!! Absolutely LOVE it!!
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